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La Aurora 1495 Reviews

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10 Cigar Connoisseur's Collection from La Aurora
"Aurora 1495 is a Solid Performer"
I've purchased more than six of these Connoisseur's Collections in the last six months and I have found them to be consistently well constructed and up to La Aurora's impeccable standards. The variety of wrappers adds interest - I personally think the corojo and cameroon wrapped 1495's are awesome. Catch them on sale if you can, but seriously, Long Live the 1495!
John R. in Iowa July 7, 2011
La Aurora 1495 Robusto
"Good Cigar 3 out of 5 STARS!!!HA HA"
A good, full bodied smoke if that floats your boat. I look for something smoother, but that just my mouth.
Rich Hudzinski in Coroapolis, Pa November 3, 2010
La Aurora 1495 Corona
"What a treat..."
Great taste all the way through and awesome construction. I am definitely a corona guy. I do robusto, toro, and torpedo, but you don't even need a large cigar to get a smooth smoke with this stick. This easily became one of my top three favorites. It has everything I personally like in a cigar. Nice firm draw, good tight roll, and very nice burn. Just the right amount of spice for anyone to appreciate. A
thediscobiscuit in Mississippi November 2, 2010
La Aurora 1495 Robusto
"A rich, flavorful, complex smoke; wonderful."
This is one of my favorite, go-to cigars. Very consistent and never disappoints.
Tom in Virginia August 7, 2010
La Aurora 1495 Churchill
"Aurora 1495 series with an extra "BME" band"
Tried this one for the price... Good aroma also. I had to relight twice... Taste was ok for the price... I might be biased though, since I have been smoking, CAO, and Tabak Especial flavored
John in Little Portugal, Ma May 11, 2010
10 Cigar Connoisseur's Collection from La Aurora
"Construction problems and inferior taste"
I like the 1495 La Aurora brand so I ordered this 'Collection' from Famous expecting the same quality and consistency as in the standard line. I was disappointed however with the construction of cigars in this bundle. Several sticks out of ten were badly rolled, cups were loosely fit, appearance was more of a budget cigar rather than premium. And, most importantly, the taste of three alternative wrapper cigars that I smoked so far was not as good as the classic 1495. I will give the rest to my friends as Christmas presents.
GF in Moscow November 24, 2009
La Aurora 1495 Robusto
"A Definite Favorite"
I keep coming back to this cigar and consider it one of the most consistent in quality and flavorful to the end smokes I've had the pleasure to clip. Have had more expensive, but rarely more satisfying.
Mike S in Keystone State October 8, 2009
La Aurora 1495 Robusto
"One of my favorites."
Excellent cigar. Consistently great draw, very well constructed ,and very flavorful - what else could you ask for?
Gene S. in Fort Myers August 23, 2009
La Aurora 1495 Robusto
"Wooow! what a dadgum good cigar worth every penny."
I was thoroughly impressed with this cigar.Just started back smoking cigars and I will make a permanent mental note on this one.It is consistent all the way around.I give it a 9.50.
jim in bakersfield,ca June 22, 2009
La Aurora 1495 Belicoso
"great in every way"
A little high on the price at the local smoke shop, but what a great smoke. great construction, nice looking too. I had the BME robusto (94 rating by cigar afc.)The BME is a bit stronger than the other 1495's. You can't get them on line that I know of, if any of you fellow smokers out there know of any place, please respond. Aurora lives up to it's name on this one. dray
d ray in SF bay area February 14, 2009
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