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La Aurora Cameroon Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Decent but uneven burn"
This was a decent cigar for a girl s night out. It didn t stay lit, and burned uneven. It went pretty good with red sangria. It s a pretty basic mild cigar without much flavor complexity. It did not burn my throat and when cut it didn t flake. For the price, it was pretty OK. I am still undecided on if I would purchase this again, or if I would try other similarly priced cigars.
Kay in July 21, 2014
If your an experienced cigar smoker like myself this is absolute garbage. Taste was disgusting, it takes like a bitter wet sock. Burn was not good, draw was very snug. Just a waste of money.
Jacob Castro in July 23, 2012
"Value for the money. Just it."
I am just no more disappointed because those were a real bargain. The taste lacks personality from begining to end, the burn started uneven and then corrected itself without requiring touch up. The wrapper cracked right at the cutting. Worth no more than it costs. Good for beginners and definitelly not appropriate for those looking for more complexity in a milder smoke.
Flavio in Midland, MI January 8, 2012
"Will buy again!"
Just right nice burn, good amount of smoke I love anything la aurora. Everyday smoke for me.
Keegan in Columbus ohio November 17, 2011
"First few draws are okay but then...."
I received one of these in the Tantalizing Ten sampler and at first I thought I was going to disagree with the negative reviews until they were proven right. It was very easy to light and had good white ash. The first few draws had decent flavor and was a medium draw. Flavor to me was mild pepper with a little sweet but then a quarter way into the stick it just stopped having any flavor. Just a little peppery flavor that caught in the back of the throat and nothing else. I only made it half way through before putting it out. Very disappointing.
Travis in Kansas City September 7, 2011
"VERY disappointing"
Wouldn't stay lit. Extremely tough draw,while the outer wrapper comes unravelled. Threw the last 1/3 away.Only plus was decent flavor, if you could extract it.My last Aurora for sure.
Ted in New Jersey March 16, 2011
"Almost a Fuente"
This is a decent smoking premium cigar with good construction and a decent amount of smoke off the draw which can be a bit tight. the taste of the cigar is a bit putrid at times as its not near as tasty as a Funete, more similar to that of a punch than a funete. the construction was moderate to good, the taste is missing something as other sizes deliver a much creamier taste than the Robusto which the wrapper puts out a swirling amount of smoke which isnt close to pleasant.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 6, 2008
"I'd rather smoke a backwoods!"
Smoked 2 so far and both had terrible draws. The taste was far from great and I really had to work just to get any smoke! Never again!! I'd rather have a pack of backwoods smokes than these.
Patrick in Phoenix, Arizona March 3, 2008
"Better than Fuente"
I prefer these to regular Fuente Cameroon cigars. La Aurora has more flavor, delivered in a smooth manner. Good construction and taste. Plus they are a better value. Another thing, La Aurora makes better sizes too.
It's cold up here in Michigan October 27, 2007
"good stick for 3.00"
Afriend brought a box from dominican repb. a box of 20 strait from the factory Iam. on my 2nd box but running low buy La Aurora next thing to cohiba
andy in Lehighton Pa. October 11, 2007
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