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La Aurora Reviews

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La Aurora Principes Chocolate
"Well worth the price."
My first experience with this cigar was on the beach in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. Those vendors always give you the first one free, and then they have you hooked!! This is a great everyday smoke when you are kicking around the yard, or in the car heading to work.
Tankman in VT December 10, 2008
La Aurora #4
"I always come back to these as my everyday stick."
I always come back to these as my everyday stick.
Mike in Dixon IL October 24, 2008
La Aurora Bristol Deluxe Tube
"Impressive and well worth the time to smoke it"
I was quite surprised at the steady burn of this cigar. The taste was pleasant and the overall feel of it was very impressive for its price range. I was looking for a Dominican cigar similiar to a Partagas. I still prefer the Partagas over this, but overall for the price it is a great substitution. The only thing i didnt really like too much was the smell of the brazilian wrapper, about half way through i could really taste it. Overall it was a great surprise!
Jeremy K in Mississauga August 17, 2008
La Aurora #4
"Not as good as I thought."
I liked it Ok, but it was not worth the money. It almost tasted burnt inside. Stronger than I expected. Burned out too easily.
Yoop in Oklahoma August 11, 2008
La Aurora Principes Flavors Assortment Sampler
"Big Mistake"
I am a regular Principes smoker, I like the budget friendly daily smoke. I saw the flavor assortment sampler pack on my last purchase of sticks. I was curious so I bought them. I am not a fan of flavored cigars but I gave in to curiosity. These sticks were so pungent that I was weary even before lighting a stick (rum flavor) The tobacco flavor of the cigar got lost with the infused flavor. After a few puffs I found myself spitting out the flavor all the way thru the smoke. If you are a fan of flavored sticks you may enjoy these. For those of you who enjoy the natural flavor of a good cigar stay away from these. I will be pulling these out on those times when the ladies want to pretend they can hang with the big boys(no offense ladies). Take my advice stick with the natural principes they are good daily sticks at a descent price. If you want something sweet go to the candy store.
Julian in Phoenix Arizona July 16, 2008
La Aurora Principes Flavors Assortment Sampler
"all things considered not too bad"
The price is great. The tobacco is smoother, milder, than the regular principes I have tried. The added flavors are ok, but really generic.
steve t in delaware June 27, 2008
La Aurora Robusto
"Almost a Fuente"
This is a decent smoking premium cigar with good construction and a decent amount of smoke off the draw which can be a bit tight. the taste of the cigar is a bit putrid at times as its not near as tasty as a Funete, more similar to that of a punch than a funete. the construction was moderate to good, the taste is missing something as other sizes deliver a much creamier taste than the Robusto which the wrapper puts out a swirling amount of smoke which isnt close to pleasant.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 6, 2008
La Aurora Robusto
"I'd rather smoke a backwoods!"
Smoked 2 so far and both had terrible draws. The taste was far from great and I really had to work just to get any smoke! Never again!! I'd rather have a pack of backwoods smokes than these.
Patrick in Phoenix, Arizona March 3, 2008
La Aurora Robusto
"Better than Fuente"
I prefer these to regular Fuente Cameroon cigars. La Aurora has more flavor, delivered in a smooth manner. Good construction and taste. Plus they are a better value. Another thing, La Aurora makes better sizes too.
It's cold up here in Michigan October 27, 2007
La Aurora Robusto
"good stick for 3.00"
Afriend brought a box from dominican repb. a box of 20 strait from the factory Iam. on my 2nd box but running low buy La Aurora next thing to cohiba
andy in Lehighton Pa. October 11, 2007
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