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La Aurora Preferido Ecuador Reviews

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La Aurora Preferido Ecuador #1
"looks great but taste disappointed"
Has great design but wrapper started to unravel a little bit. Burn was uneven and taste was not what expected from a high priced cigar.
VR in NH November 19, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador #2
The first two I smoked which I got from cigar bid and not in a tube were EXCELLENT great flavor and various flavors. So good I got used atoothpick to smoke it complete. Bought more and the bottom feel out of the new batch. They now taste like a $2.00 stick. Wonder why the big difference. Maybe sells substandard cigars.
david in missouri October 25, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador #2
"Simply Terrible"
Harsh flavors, and the worst burn I have ever experienced. One half just kept burning while the other just remained untouched -- unbelievably bad!
Stefan in San Francisco September 27, 2013
La Aurora Preferido Ecuador #1
"Tasty, But Too Pricey"
I really enjoyed this cigar....very smooth and creamy flavor....I smoked this till I needed a roach clip....I just wish they were affordable....look for them in samplers....
Robert in Oklahoma September 11, 2013
La Aurora Preferido Ecuador #1
"Creamy and Very Smooth....."
I have wanted to try one of these for a few years so I jumped on the chance to purchase a sampler containing one....I left it to season for 2 weeks as it taunted me.....I was not disappointed at all.....very smooth and creamy....
Robert in Oklahoma September 11, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador #2
"well worth the the price"
most enjoyable smoke..the taste is smooth almost creamy. very good aroma. Only criticism is the burn could be a bit more consistent but overall an excellent cigar at a fair price.
Rob in Milford September 20, 2010
La Aurora Preferido Emerald Tubes
"Fiiiiihne cigaaahr!"
Wonderful flavor, a bit mellower than its exterior would have you believe. The fire took a little to get going but once fully lit it smoldered and came alive with little effort. Speaking of effort, the draw was smooth and almost effortless. Every draw got better and where most would become harsh it kept delivering a fine mellow draw . This was everything one ciould expect from an $18 single cigar. So much so, I cant wait to experience the sapphire and ruby.
Jack in Massachusetts September 10, 2010
La Aurora Preferido Ecuador #1
"most excellent!"
First stick ever that was good from the start. Fruit woody in body with a mild spice flavor. Whitest ash i have seen and a perfect burn. Definate cayenne finish with a warm smoke on the draw, but still very smooth and creamy. Like a good stout draft with a mild herbal finish. In the top five of the thirty or so I have tried. I will be enjoying more of these!
LeigfhRay in DFW May 1, 2010
La Aurora Preferido Ecuador Robusto
"who preferidos are these!!!!"
i can’t imagine the aurora preferido ecuador robusto being anybody’s preferred cigars……… these are rough looking harsh and foul tasting much overpriced stogies... forget about them tere are much better ecuadorian sumatra wrapped cigars in famous shops inventory for the fraction of the cost!!!! btw these are sold for $162 at few reputable online cigar retailers…. It’s beyond me why famous sells them for $199 !!???
Steve in philipsburgh October 30, 2008
La Aurora Preferido Ecuador Robusto
"Mediocre at best"
Last year I purchased a five pack of this Ecuador Robusto & kept them in my humidor. Yesterday I had one with my father in-law and together we came to the conclusion that this robusto, even though has an interesting mixture of tobacco, decent burn and construction, was mediocre flavor wise. The 1st third tasted acidic and harsh, some spice and earth made their way through but it was very muddled, the 2nd third the flavor stayed flat and one-dimensional until thing got bitter. We didn’t smoke until the last third and discarded the rest. I have a box of the Cameroon preferido robusto and hope they fair better then these.
Lion King in Canada October 6, 2008
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