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La Aurora Preferido Ecuador Reviews

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La Aurora Preferido Ecuador Robusto
"Mediocre at best"
Last year I purchased a five pack of this Ecuador Robusto & kept them in my humidor. Yesterday I had one with my father in-law and together we came to the conclusion that this robusto, even though has an interesting mixture of tobacco, decent burn and construction, was mediocre flavor wise. The 1st third tasted acidic and harsh, some spice and earth made their way through but it was very muddled, the 2nd third the flavor stayed flat and one-dimensional until thing got bitter. We didn’t smoke until the last third and discarded the rest. I have a box of the Cameroon preferido robusto and hope they fair better then these.
Lion King in Canada October 6, 2008
La Aurora Preferido Ecuador #1
"Not worth the price"
These are not bad cigars but for what you get for such an incredibly high price I would not recommend it. I actually prefer Roly to these. Seriously.
Yoop in Oklahoma September 29, 2008
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