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"Good smoke"
Got these in a La Aurora 4 pack sampler. I love the look and feel of this cigar it s well made and has good flavor and burned well. The ash held to the middle of the cigar. I was surprised it was a full and not a medium. I would buy the sampler again the single price point is too high.
B in Dallas August 12, 2014
"looks great but taste disappointed"
Has great design but wrapper started to unravel a little bit. Burn was uneven and taste was not what expected from a high priced cigar.
VR in NH November 19, 2013
"Tasty, But Too Pricey"
I really enjoyed this cigar....very smooth and creamy flavor....I smoked this till I needed a roach clip....I just wish they were affordable....look for them in samplers....
Robert in Oklahoma September 11, 2013
"Creamy and Very Smooth....."
I have wanted to try one of these for a few years so I jumped on the chance to purchase a sampler containing one....I left it to season for 2 weeks as it taunted me.....I was not disappointed at all.....very smooth and creamy....
Robert in Oklahoma September 11, 2013
"most excellent!"
First stick ever that was good from the start. Fruit woody in body with a mild spice flavor. Whitest ash i have seen and a perfect burn. Definate cayenne finish with a warm smoke on the draw, but still very smooth and creamy. Like a good stout draft with a mild herbal finish. In the top five of the thirty or so I have tried. I will be enjoying more of these!
LeigfhRay in DFW May 1, 2010
"Not worth the price"
These are not bad cigars but for what you get for such an incredibly high price I would not recommend it. I actually prefer Roly to these. Seriously.
Yoop in Oklahoma September 29, 2008
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