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La Aurora Preferido Maduro Reviews

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La Aurora Preferido Maduro #1
"La Aurora's Preferido#1 is a GREAT value"
... zillions of new cigars are appearing monthly it seems... but the combination of the roll, the pressed shape, the mixed aged flavors... all make the Preferido the best I've ever had... only way I can afford them is on the auctions... :-) M
Michael L in Charleston January 23, 2010
La Aurora Preferido Maduro #1
one of the best smokes out there. im a snob when it comes to cigars. my humi is full of grayliff,red ,blue,crystal,chateau, expresso. camacho tri-mads. diamond crown and maximus. this stick fits in with requirements for a good smoke. like the #1 mad the best but have all. definitely go for some. really lets u appreciate the effect a different wrapper has on a smoke. love the #2 too just crazy to pay an extra 6-9 bucks just for the tube, however ive yet to break a #2 in a tube that was in mypocket or was dropped accidentally. GREAT SMOKE TRY ONE ASAP
james in staten island November 27, 2009
La Aurora Preferido Maduro #2 Ruby Edition Tubes
"If there's a better stick, I'll buy a box!"
Very solid and valuable smoke ranking with the best. Great flavor, smooth and tasty draws over and over. Love it in the middle.
Scott in Urbandale, IA March 7, 2009
La Aurora Preferido #3
"There is none better"
My favorites include AF Anejo, DC Maximus, blends like that. The Preferidos line (Emerald tubo) is hands down the most flavorful super premium I've ever tasted!
Ed in NorCal January 6, 2009
La Aurora Preferido #3
"Where's the beef?"
After smoking a #1 maduro (super fine cigar) I ordered the #3 box with the 5 #2 tubes. #3's have been plugged (4 out of 6). Inexcusable for this price point. Those that were not plugged, tasted fine, though a bit too mild and single dimensional. #2 tubes are closer to the fine #1's, but still not worth their price tag. If you just have to have a La Aurora, go for the #1 maduro Pricey, but very nice. Skip the tubes and the #3's I would make another choice. Too many really good cigars out there that are better and less costly.
Ray in Austin Texas October 14, 2008
La Aurora Preferido Maduro #2
"a guilty pleasure"
This is a uniquely good cigar. so much flavor, and yet so smooth from start to finish. very mild after taste, not strong or bitter. Lets you enjoy the entire experience.
Randy L in Port Lavaca, TX October 8, 2008
La Aurora Preferido Maduro #2 Ruby Edition Tubes
"Not your average premium cigar!"
These have been in my humidor for at least 10 months. I just finished no. 3 and they are consistant. Beautifully constructed perfecto and you know you have a well made cigar as soon as you clip the end off. Start-up brings a rush of flavor and it just keeps getting more intense (like a perfecto shape is suppose to do). Not sure why but it brought back memories of the old Water St. Bridgeport "Top Stone Cigars" from te 60's. These are strong, heavy and earthy. Not for everyone but well worth a try.
Adrian in Connecticut September 21, 2008
La Aurora Preferido Maduro #2 Ruby Edition Tubes
"these cant be top'ed!!"
I recieved a box of these baby's today and i am finishing one now.!! I have been smoking aurora's for quite a few years and they just keep getting better and better. The Ruby's are a TOP shelf class A cigar, second to no cigar you can compare to it. I am 50 year's old and have been smoking premium cigars for 25 of them i'd put these ruby's up against anything i have smoked. Including Opus X...Dave. R.
dave in lacrosse w.i. April 18, 2008
La Aurora Preferido #3
Beautiful color, shape and construction on this Dominican perfecto with Camaroon wrapper. It draws and burns perfectly, giving a big blast of peppery, woody flavors. A medium-bodied cigar, it has a nice mellow creamy finish. Rated 90 by Cigar Insider in April 2000, these will continue to be a staple in my humidor.
Mark in Annapolis February 16, 2008
La Aurora Preferido Maduro #2 Ruby Edition Tubes
"My "I Deserve This" Cigar"
These cigars are my unconditional special occasion cigars. The construction,draw,& flavor, are second to none. I have been searching for "special occasion cigars" for many years. This one fits the bill perfectly. However, I am not impressed by any of the other "Tubos". I will stay with the "Red Tubes". Try one for yourself and decide as this is a purely subjective hobby.
Gregg Erickson in Shelbyville, Indiana June 29, 2005
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