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La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Reviews

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La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Robusto
"Top Notch"
I was absolutely shocked at the quality of this cigar. La Aurora is always good, but this cigar was far and away the best. Spicy, flavorful, smooth, peppery/spicy, well constructed, taste gets better as you smoke more, even draw/burn, a knuckle burner. Honestly, one of the best I've had.
Will H in Montana October 18, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #1
"Not up to La Aurora Standards"
This is supposed to be a flagship cigar for La Aurora, but it falls short of its promise. This cigar is not complex or unique and burns unevenly with a difficult draw at the begging. This is is simply not worth the hype of the price.
JohnH in Midwest June 3, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #1
"Excellent Smoke"
I'm a huge fan of Cammy wrappers so I decided to break down and order a 5-pack. I certainly am happy I did. They're perfectly constructed, have a great appearance, excellent burn, and a ton of flavor... who's profile is very "Cuban-esque" with loads of leather and roasted nuts. My only complaint is that the size description (6 x 58) is deceiving. The shape of the cigar lends itself to a quicker smoke, and I wanted this to last all night long.
Tim H in Pittsburgh March 13, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #1
"Not at this price!"
I purchased a 5 pack and gave them about 5 months in my humi. While they are well made and burn perfectly, the level of flavour from the cigar is in my opinion, sub par. I've smoked all 5 and while i somewhat enjoyed them, i won't be a repeat purchaser. There are much better preferidos out there for less money. But they do look beautifull!
Paulo in Canada July 27, 2011
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #2
"Thee best camaroon bar none"
I have smoked every premium camaroon there is and this one tops them all from the initial puff to the smallest of nub it just kept getting better.
Mark Reimer in Eagan Minnesota June 26, 2011
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #3
"Very spicy and smooth"
This cigar is short but packs a lot of punch! It starts out with a very zesty spice then mellows with a nice nutty creamy spice to the finish. A very good cigar for a full bodied fan and anyone who wants an elegant well made classic looking cigar!
Kalin in WV January 13, 2011
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #2
"Very fine smoke"
Smooth and very well constructed. Get them on sale and enjoy an excellent value as well. With some research you can buy these for about $6 each. Wonderfull.
John in Los Angeles October 13, 2010
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Robusto
"Top Notch Cameroon"
Got a 5-pack sample of all the Preferido's offered by La Aurora. This is by far the cream of the crop of the 5. The flavor and consistency this smoke provides is unparallel to none. In my opinion, this cigar's the only true competitor to the Don Carlos line.
Danny B in West Linn, OR August 7, 2010
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Robusto
"Treat yourself. A superb full flavored cigar!"
This small Robusto lasted 70 minutes. By far, the most noteworthy feature was the exceptionally good taste and aroma. If you like a full flavored cigar, you've got to try this one. It would have scored a perfect 10 with me except for the moderately uneven burn. The burn was even at first, then about 1/2 way it became somewhat uneven. I got it even but in the last 1/4 it became uneven again. Bottom line: a great cigar and I'll be buying more. It is now one of my favorites.
RD in Atlanta March 12, 2010
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Platinum Tubes
bought a box of these 4 years ago and have enjoyed the treat of these cigars. great construction, easy draw, lots of smoke and they have aged wonderfully in my humidor. If you want to try a truly great cigar try this one,
Alan in Columbus, Ohio January 10, 2009
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