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La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Reviews

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La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Robusto
"all time best"
I have three boxes put up and ordered two more they are gettting hard to find and for good reason for the price this the best all around cigar ive ever smoked
jim in galveston September 2, 2008
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #2
"Great Smoke!"
One of the most consistent smokes ever...perfect size and shape.
Jon in Annapolis, MD May 8, 2008
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #1
"in love"
Smoked my first one on my birthday yesterday. Was not sure what to expect, but after firing this guy up, I knew I was in for a great b-day treat. Ceder filled the room and everyone noticed that something fantastic was going on. Just a great cigar, construction, burn, draw, and flavor, were right on. The cami was great. If you can afford them, smoke them. Life is too short not to.
nick in east lansing, michigan February 28, 2008
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Robusto
"Arguably the best stick La Aurora craftsmen make."
I've tried everything with a La Aurora label and this lovely, oily, toothy cigar loads the mouth with barrel wood and cream. It's effectively balanced and has a cocoa/ spicy finish right down to the nub.
R. Williams II in Atlanta, GA February 11, 2008
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #2
"Great World Class Smoke"
Early on in my cigar smoking endeavor, I began with La Aurora Cigars. Not having much money at the time I purchased the ones offered in liquor stores and the like. This brand has truly been around forever. One of the other guys made a comment in one of there reviews, "That life is too short to waste on cheap cigars". Honestly La Aurora makes some of the worst cheap. "Inexpensive if you like" cigars in existence. Make no mistake if you buy a cheap La Aurora you might as well smoke a Philly, honestly the Philly will be better. Now as for the Perferdos, Cameroon, it is a truly great cigar not to be missed. I bought 5 of these from a local smoke shop, ($28.00 per smoke, so beware) before leaving for an Asia business trip about 3 weeks ago. When I'm in Asia I have access to all the Cubans your heart could desire. These La Aurora's were my favorite smoke of the trip hands down. If you're looking for a luxury cigar there are none better in the world.
Kent Surratt in So Cal September 16, 2007
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #2
"A smooth, complex blend not to be missed!"
This cigar is awesome. It has 3 distinct "phases" due to it's unique double-tapered ends and rich blend. The first is light and smooth, mild, but pleasing, the second comes on strong, turns up the strength and flavor, the third and last intensifies, but adds a sweet flavor that is truly the best part! Bravo La Aurora!
Jon A. in Huntington Beach, CA August 7, 2007
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Robusto
"Very consistent smoke."
I smoked half the box already and the quality of this robusto is awesome. These taste better than the any of the perfectos in this line. I smoked the first release at the Big Smoke in Las Vegas 2005 and fell in love with them right away. I liked them so much my fisrt box is almost finished and the SECOND BOX is aging as we speak. Great full flavor full of cedar and tobacco. Excellent construction.
Fernando Soriano in CA June 8, 2006
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #2
"Excellent! Complex yet subtle in a classic shape"
I have been enjoying the Preferido's for quite a while and I can tell you that this is definitely a smoke you do not want to pass up. These have a wonderfully complex flavor, but remain medium bodied. Definitely a cigar I would recommend.
Jonathan Ganz in New York, New York August 21, 2005
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #1
"Great cigar, but there are better Cameroons"
I've had several Preferidos, and, yes, they are very nice. Usually good burn (I've had a few that were poorly conditioned), always an easy draw and that nice Cameroon flavor. But...<p> $250-$300 a box ? Save your money, and get CAO Cameroons, or La Unica Cameroons. They are just as good (in every way, esp the CAO's), and half the price.
Doc Arnold in Reno, NV November 20, 2004
La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Platinum Tubes
"Just Alright"
Smoked one of the Platinums this weekend. Solid construction. Wrapper was dry. Crinkled when I pinched it. It may not have been stored properly. Started nice. Too mild for my taste. Tasted like ash midway through. Dipped the end in some Crown Royal. No help. Glad I didn't pay for this one.
Mike in North Carolina October 4, 2004
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