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La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon #2 Reviews [view details]

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"Thee best camaroon bar none"
I have smoked every premium camaroon there is and this one tops them all from the initial puff to the smallest of nub it just kept getting better.
Mark Reimer in Eagan Minnesota June 26, 2011
"Very fine smoke"
Smooth and very well constructed. Get them on sale and enjoy an excellent value as well. With some research you can buy these for about $6 each. Wonderfull.
John in Los Angeles October 13, 2010
"Great Smoke!"
One of the most consistent smokes ever...perfect size and shape.
Jon in Annapolis, MD May 8, 2008
"Great World Class Smoke"
Early on in my cigar smoking endeavor, I began with La Aurora Cigars. Not having much money at the time I purchased the ones offered in liquor stores and the like. This brand has truly been around forever. One of the other guys made a comment in one of there reviews, "That life is too short to waste on cheap cigars". Honestly La Aurora makes some of the worst cheap. "Inexpensive if you like" cigars in existence. Make no mistake if you buy a cheap La Aurora you might as well smoke a Philly, honestly the Philly will be better. Now as for the Perferdos, Cameroon, it is a truly great cigar not to be missed. I bought 5 of these from a local smoke shop, ($28.00 per smoke, so beware) before leaving for an Asia business trip about 3 weeks ago. When I'm in Asia I have access to all the Cubans your heart could desire. These La Aurora's were my favorite smoke of the trip hands down. If you're looking for a luxury cigar there are none better in the world.
Kent Surratt in So Cal September 16, 2007
"A smooth, complex blend not to be missed!"
This cigar is awesome. It has 3 distinct "phases" due to it's unique double-tapered ends and rich blend. The first is light and smooth, mild, but pleasing, the second comes on strong, turns up the strength and flavor, the third and last intensifies, but adds a sweet flavor that is truly the best part! Bravo La Aurora!
Jon A. in Huntington Beach, CA August 7, 2007
"Excellent! Complex yet subtle in a classic shape"
I have been enjoying the Preferido's for quite a while and I can tell you that this is definitely a smoke you do not want to pass up. These have a wonderfully complex flavor, but remain medium bodied. Definitely a cigar I would recommend.
Jonathan Ganz in New York, New York August 21, 2005
"La Aurora #2 Preferido 1903 Ed."
Beautiful, well made cigar. The makers did a superb job. This is not only a good looking cigar, but it is very flavorful also. Medium to full bodied, it has a smooth draw, even burn, and complex flavors that are rich and without bitterness. Cedar and cocoa undertones, but mostly a rich tobacco flavor. I wish FSS would carry more!
Bob Sluss in Elizabethton, TN May 21, 2000
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10 Burn (87) 100
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10 Consistency (87) 100
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10 Draw (89) 100
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10 Appearance (93) 100
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10 Taste (92) 100
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10 Construction (91) 100
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