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La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Reviews

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La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
"what jesus would smell like"
if jesus had a smell it would be this cigar.
stal in United States December 24, 2014
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
"Occasional smoker"
And my experience I think a sapphire is excellence of God and again for the strongman With an excellent taste and leaves no disgusting aftertaste
H.gonzalez in Miami,fl November 14, 2014
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
"I liked them but..."
I got these originally in a sampler pack and I loved them. Problem was when I went to buy a box and found out they were $260+ for a box of 25. Guess I don t like them that much...
H.gonzalez in Miami,fl November 14, 2014 April 1, 2014
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
"Beautiful Cigar with Full Flavor"
Excellent construction for a classic shaped cigar. Easy draw from start to finish. Started less than medium in strength and finished in the strong category. Caramel / cedar hints throughout. mild to medium pepper through the middle third. Overall - a memorable cigar.
John in Libertyville July 19, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
"Not bad, but not great"
Excellent construction, shape and burn. Exquisite to look at..but flavor is not my style. First third is a little sour. Eventually gets some wood and grass, but never really does much for me.
Dan in Scituate, MA March 5, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
"Can't understand a bad rating!!"
This is by far my favorite conny stick! It's smooth complex and I love the figurado shape it really shows how the wrapper effects the blend. Yes they are high in price but for consistency in flavor and construction I have paid more. Personally I let them rest for 2-3 monthes in a 64-66 rh humidor. I feel all figurados need to be kept at a lower rh or they seem to split in the middle. As for flavor these are nice and complex and have a great sweet woody note to them. If your a fan of a classic that will never fail this is it!!
Lee in Phila November 6, 2012
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
"What's the hype?"
Perhaps the most over-priced cigar on the market. As much as I try, I can't find anything special about this smoke other than it's a unique shape for a connecticut. Save you money.
Lenni in NY October 12, 2012
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
"Needs Aging Badly"
The first few Sapphire's I smoked were from my local B&M for which I paid nearly $20 a piece for. Because of that price they had been sitting there for years and had a nice dusting of plume on them. Needless to say they smoked like a dream; rich, creamy, smooth white smoke, I fell in love. So, I bid on one of these 8-packs and won, and when I received them I noticed a card instead stating their age time and box date (which is really cool, I wish more cigar makers would do this) that stated that they were a year old, give or take a bit. These smoke tasted nothing like I had remembered, way too young. I'm going to leave the other seven to sit for a year or two. Just a head up to anyone looking to bid on these sticks.
Josh in Columbus, OH September 29, 2012
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
One of these cigars was included in the top shelf sampler. I was excited to try it based on the ratings, and the fact that I enjoy the higher ring gauge cigars. Unfortunately the taste of this cigar was simply off-putting. The draw and burn was fine, the construction was good, but I would be hesitant even to try another of this cigars, especially if I had to pay for it. Perhaps it was a single bad result, but I am not sure I will take the time to see.
David N in Reno, NV May 7, 2012
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
"Interesting experience"
This is one of the best looking cigars I had ever seen. However, it was hard to light and keep lit at first. The draw was hard until I was about 1/4 of the way into it and then it finally opened up. If you are considering a perfecto-shape for a cigar, please remember that this one may be disconcertingly hot to the touch as it is being smoked. As usual, the flavor opened up shortly after the ash reached the fuller part of the cigar's body. This is an excellently constructed cigar and worth the experience.
Patrick in Omaha, NE May 5, 2012
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