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La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Reviews

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La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #2
"Perfect, unless you smoke dung in Colorado..."
This is the epitomy of perfection that a cigar could obtain. It's worth every penny and worth every effort to obtain. However, be warned that individuals living in the state of Colorado may differ in opinion, since the high-altitude air fills their lungs with massive amounts of dung that absolutely nobody from Colorado is able to truly savor the flavor and aroma that makes these cigars immaculate. For this reason, individuals will be wise to avoid the opinions and comments derived from those from the state of Colorado, but rather should take pity on these individuals, for their palates have been compromised and deemed violated from the toxic levels of exposure to dung from various mammals that, by coincidence, also call the state of Colorado their home.
Logan Moore in California May 10, 2009
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
"One of the best smokes you will ever have!"
One of the best smokes you will ever have!
Jim B. in Chesapeake, Virginia April 21, 2009
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
"My Absolute Favorite"
This is my favorite smoke, bar none! Appearence and contruction is perfect. Draw is always smooth. This cigar and a glass of 15 yr Glendronach, Heaven!
Bobby in Texas January 15, 2009
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
"Among The Very Best I've Ever Smoked"
I realize we all have different taste, but the La Aurora Preferido is one of the very best cigars I have had the pleasure of smoking.
David in Dallas September 5, 2008
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
"The one I always grab first!"
You will love this medium bodied smoke. It is the one I love to give and smoke with my friends. Five min. into this one will "blow you away" Also the best looking cigar around! My all around favorite!
Jim in Monroe Wisconsin February 16, 2008
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
Excellent smoke. At first, it was hard to light and had a tough draw. I opened it up with a scratch awl and it was good to go from there on out. Flawless construction and very firm. Smooth but hints of pepper at the light with a perfect ash. The 2nd hand passive smoke was sweet and aromatic. This stick got better and better as it neared the end. I rated it an "8" about one third thru but settled on a solid "10" when I reluctantly had to put it out.
Sean in No. Illinois February 4, 2008
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #1
"Great smoke"
This is a great smoke. The construction is very good. The ash stays so tight that you will be surprised. The flavor, I would consider mild is complex with pepper and spice and stays very smooth through the entire smoke. I think La Aurora Preferido is worth the money. They always have a lot of bids on them in the auctions and the reason is they are very good.
Uppercut in Mid-West January 15, 2006
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
"What a disappointment"
I agree with the other Colorado comment! Buy the bull nuts, cheaper, better and your girlfried or spouse will appreciate them more.
Guy in Colorado June 24, 2005
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
"High Altitude must have tainted our taste buds"
The Sapphire was the greatest disappointment in cigars that I have experienced in over 40 years. Appearance was flawless, draw xlnt, burn and aroma superb, taste can be compared with raw rocky mountain oysters, have had many better oysters than sapphires. Here's to the BULL! Gag on the Sapphire!
Tom in Denver June 24, 2005
La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire
Usually I am a sweet cigar person, but I was amazed at the Sapphire. It was extremely smooth, great draw, and the taste was far superior to many of the other cigars I have had, and I have smokes some of up to $100. This is a 10 out of 10 cigar. The only drawback is that I can't afford them all of the time, but the wait is well worth it.
Jonathan Wolf in Lakeland, Fl May 18, 2005
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