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La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #2 Reviews [view details]

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Purchased these on auction and all but one were a super tight draw. Excellent flavor. May try a different preferido another time as the Aurora/Leon Jimines line is very good.
Vince in Long Island June 15, 2011
"dog rocket"
My buddy bought a box of these and let them rest in his humidor for over a month. This cigar drew poorly from the start. the burn was uneven and no matter what I did it stayed that way. My buddy's burned flawlessly and drew great. The one I had tasted bitter and harsh, my friends was smooth. I think if your smoking a lesser priced cigar you can expect a bad one every now and again. But at this price they should all be perfect. I did get a chance to smoke another about a month later, and it was very good. But I have smoked cigars that were just as good, and did not leave my wallet bleeding.
Frederick M. Bilda Jr. in Maryland September 14, 2010
A buddy of mine ordered a 5 pack of these bad boys and was kind enough to share. 40 minutes later I was purchasing a 5 pack of my own. This is a deliciously smooth smoke from start to finish. I'm partial to CT Wrappers but this one blew most other cigars out of the water. A wonderful taste through and through that you would expect from La Aurora. I'd buy a box if I could afford it. Just an all around excellent cigar.
Alex in Connecticut May 2, 2010
", discerning smokers will love it"
I found the #2 connecticut the perfect smoke when I'm done with my work day and don't want to spend an hour smoking a good cigar. This 5" cigar is absolutely wonderful and one doesn't need to spend all day with it.The flavor is a bit spicey towards the last 1/3 but excellent taste along overall and the consistency of the smoke is unmatched.
Rob M. in Milford, Illinois July 29, 2009
"Perfect, unless you smoke dung in Colorado..."
This is the epitomy of perfection that a cigar could obtain. It's worth every penny and worth every effort to obtain. However, be warned that individuals living in the state of Colorado may differ in opinion, since the high-altitude air fills their lungs with massive amounts of dung that absolutely nobody from Colorado is able to truly savor the flavor and aroma that makes these cigars immaculate. For this reason, individuals will be wise to avoid the opinions and comments derived from those from the state of Colorado, but rather should take pity on these individuals, for their palates have been compromised and deemed violated from the toxic levels of exposure to dung from various mammals that, by coincidence, also call the state of Colorado their home.
Logan Moore in California May 10, 2009
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