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La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut Sapphire Reviews [view details]

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"Occasional smoker"
And my experience I think a sapphire is excellence of God and again for the strongman With an excellent taste and leaves no disgusting aftertaste
H.gonzalez in Miami,fl November 14, 2014
"Can't understand a bad rating!!"
This is by far my favorite conny stick! It's smooth complex and I love the figurado shape it really shows how the wrapper effects the blend. Yes they are high in price but for consistency in flavor and construction I have paid more. Personally I let them rest for 2-3 monthes in a 64-66 rh humidor. I feel all figurados need to be kept at a lower rh or they seem to split in the middle. As for flavor these are nice and complex and have a great sweet woody note to them. If your a fan of a classic that will never fail this is it!!
Lee in Phila November 6, 2012
"Can't Believe These Bad Reviews!?!?"
I've smoked four of these over the last 5 months and they have been consistent every time. Smooth as silk, the faintest hint of pepper (I'm a mild/medium smoker so this is great,) a touch of sweetness, leather, lots of wood, and not a bit bitter. Smoked this thing further down than I have ever smoked another cigar. I liken it to a Zino Platinum Scepter Chubby which I also enjoy when my wallet permits. I'm wonder if the others didn't like it because it was very subtle. It's not a powerhouse, it doesn't pack a punch. It's quietly complex. There are layers you have to spend time with to grasp. Defiantly a stick to sip on. Seeing as how the price can drive people away the main problem with this line is that they tend to sit for a long time, I mean years. So, I wonder if some of the other reviewers just had a bad experience with a poorly maintained stick. Either way, to each his own. Happy smoking! ~Josh
Josh in Columbus, Ohio September 6, 2011
"a great smoke, a real treat"
These are great smokes. I have had several boxes with only one bad one. in all fairness, it was one that I had carried whilst traveling for weeks and I think it dried out. These are as good as the Davidoffs in my opinion. Smokes should always go into the humidor for a couple of weeks or a month to let them stabalize and re-humidify a bit before smoking. Smoking them immediately is always a gamble - not because of the cigar or maker but b/c of UPS. Who knows where they have been and how they got to you? Hot then cold then banged up then hot again... Common sense dictates. I have brought smokes back from Europe and they smoked great in Europe, dried out on the plane and were bitter and bad upon arrival, then smoked great again after a month in the box, go figure. Cigars are like wine, they need a bit of time after traveling.
jc in florida December 14, 2010
"One of the best smokes you will ever have!"
One of the best smokes you will ever have!
Jim B. in Chesapeake, Virginia April 21, 2009
"The one I always grab first!"
You will love this medium bodied smoke. It is the one I love to give and smoke with my friends. Five min. into this one will "blow you away" Also the best looking cigar around! My all around favorite!
Jim in Monroe Wisconsin February 16, 2008
"What a disappointment"
I agree with the other Colorado comment! Buy the bull nuts, cheaper, better and your girlfried or spouse will appreciate them more.
Guy in Colorado June 24, 2005
"High Altitude must have tainted our taste buds"
The Sapphire was the greatest disappointment in cigars that I have experienced in over 40 years. Appearance was flawless, draw xlnt, burn and aroma superb, taste can be compared with raw rocky mountain oysters, have had many better oysters than sapphires. Here's to the BULL! Gag on the Sapphire!
Tom in Denver June 24, 2005
Usually I am a sweet cigar person, but I was amazed at the Sapphire. It was extremely smooth, great draw, and the taste was far superior to many of the other cigars I have had, and I have smokes some of up to $100. This is a 10 out of 10 cigar. The only drawback is that I can't afford them all of the time, but the wait is well worth it.
Jonathan Wolf in Lakeland, Fl May 18, 2005
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