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La Aurora Preferidos Corojo Reviews

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La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #1
"A Slice of Heaven"
Among the best smokes I've ever had. I suspect the negative reviews are from folks who don't quite know what to do with the Double Perfecto.
Uncle Keezus in PA September 26, 2014
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #1
"Believe the hype"
Amazing smoke.
uncle_keezus in PA September 16, 2014
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #1
"God's smoke"
Best bargain on this site.
bret in United States September 6, 2014
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #1
"May have got a bad one"
I bought the sampler pack and smoked this one tonight and it unraveled on me.
B in Dallas August 14, 2014
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #2
"Simply the Best"
This is to me the most perfect cigar. I love the shape, it seem to concentrate the flavor just right. Burns perfect,draws perfect, taste phenomenal. Just wish i cold afford a box a week.
Don in Paw Paw, MI September 30, 2013
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #2 5 Pack
"top of the line"
this is a top notch cigar. not the biggest out there but defiantly one of the baddest . my experience with these was nothing short of amazing. lots of smoke, tons flavor, and a prefect draw every time. the only downside is when they finish. you totally have to have some in the humi.
Andy in Harlingen September 3, 2012
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #2
A very, very fine cigar. Construction, burn, ash, and draw all top notch. The cigar is flavorfull and mellow. Buying thru the five pack frenzy option is an excellant value. Certainly one of my very favorite smokes.
John in So. Cal. September 30, 2010
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #1
"Doesn't live up to the hype"
Uneven burn. Bland and very average taste. Reminded me of a "stinky" cigar. Absolutely not worth the money in my opinion. There are far better corojos!
Edwald in Netherlands April 23, 2009
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo Gold Tube
"A+ Cigar"
I admit, I wasn't initially that impressed with my first one. But the next day, it was heavy on my mind to try another. The burn, construction and such were perfect. They just seemed a bit short and not too complex for a cigar of this price range. However, I couldn't resist trying another. The flavor was the same (as was the excellent construction), but it was the flavor I expected this time. Not 'overly' complex, but very plesant. I've had several now, and saving for my first box. A great cigar, no doubt. But a financial investment. I'd say it's well worth it, as long as you can afford to plunk down the cash. I also found it much more enjoyable then the silver version.
Jason in Ellsworth December 21, 2008
La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #1
"Cigars were very DRY!!!"
This 5 pack was so dry that the cigars cracked in my hands with very little pressure. I am very dissappointed with this order!
Mike Cardea November 11, 2007
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