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La Aurora Preferidos Corojo #1 Reviews [view details]

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"A Slice of Heaven"
Among the best smokes I've ever had. I suspect the negative reviews are from folks who don't quite know what to do with the Double Perfecto.
Uncle Keezus in PA September 26, 2014
"Believe the hype"
Amazing smoke.
uncle_keezus in PA September 16, 2014
"God's smoke"
Best bargain on this site.
bret in United States September 6, 2014
"May have got a bad one"
I bought the sampler pack and smoked this one tonight and it unraveled on me.
B in Dallas August 14, 2014
"Doesn't live up to the hype"
Uneven burn. Bland and very average taste. Reminded me of a "stinky" cigar. Absolutely not worth the money in my opinion. There are far better corojos!
Edwald in Netherlands April 23, 2009
"Cigars were very DRY!!!"
This 5 pack was so dry that the cigars cracked in my hands with very little pressure. I am very dissappointed with this order!
Mike Cardea in November 11, 2007
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10 Construction (93) 100
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