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La Campina Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Not That Terrific"
I have gone through a few boxes of La Campina Lonsdale and they are absolutely delightful. But this Churchill, save your money. The taste is not the same. The burn is terrible, the draw had to throw away 2 didn't want to get a hernia. Construction kind of mushy in the middle. So as you can see I will not be a churchill fan in the future. Thanks for allowing to vent my spline, etc.
Art in Florida June 1, 2013
"nice pleasant smoke"
Nice, pleasant smoke. Good Mild to medium body that is very smooth and clean on the finish. If you like Romeo 1875 and Perdomo 10th Champagne, this is worth a try. Get the wise guy sampler to compare if you need to, and you'll probably end up buying a box.
Gerard in Atlanta, GA March 12, 2011
"A pleasent surprise!"
I've been wanting to try these for sometime, and when they came up on Cigar Monster, I finally ordered a box. From light up, I could tell this was going to be a soothing and pleasant experience. Now, after smoking a few, I'm kicking myself for not ordering two or three boxes. Yes they're a bit on the lighter side, but after my Famous 3000's, El Rico Habanos, Rocky Rosados, Medalists and Maxx, La Campina Churchills satisfy with flavor, beautiful construction, a firm ash with the most even burn, and very pleasant aroma, all while never being overwhelming. To me, the most important quality in a cigar is that it leaves me anxiously anticipating smoking the next one. This one is definitely a keeper that has earned it's place as a part of a well balanced cigar diet. "Life is too short for a bad cigar".
Whupash in Milwaukie July 10, 2009
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