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La Campina Reviews

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La Campina Corona
"Great Cigar, Great Price"
Great cigar. Excellent consistency and taste. Smooth, but not too mild. The price offers a great value. I have had cigars twice its price at half the satisfaction.
Artius in Canada December 2, 2013
La Campina Lonsdale
"never fails to satisfy"
I have consistently enjoyed these smokes. I like an easy-smoking, milder cigar. These consistently have a nice draw and burn with nice flavors.
zin guy in mountain view CA November 3, 2013
La Campina Toro
"Good Cigar"
For the most part these were great cigars. BUT there is an inconsistency in strength and flavor. Some had very little flavor and some were VERY harsh.
Morgan in NC October 20, 2013
La Campina Robusto
"A Real Bang for the Buck"
Usually smoke a stronger cigar but this was a nice tasting change. The only regret is I had two of them and gave one away before I tried them. I'll be back for more.
Mr. Blues in Central MN August 28, 2013
La Campina Churchill
"Not That Terrific"
I have gone through a few boxes of La Campina Lonsdale and they are absolutely delightful. But this Churchill, save your money. The taste is not the same. The burn is terrible, the draw had to throw away 2 didn't want to get a hernia. Construction kind of mushy in the middle. So as you can see I will not be a churchill fan in the future. Thanks for allowing to vent my spline, etc.
Art in Florida June 1, 2013
La Campina Robusto
These came in a sampler pack...easy draw, consistent burn, nice ash, not harsh at all...NICE! Enjoyed it...and would smoke again.
MD in NJ December 22, 2012
La Campina Lonsdale
"" Now this is A Nice Cigar ""
nice Burn sraight threw Great Smoke Exellent Taste Will Smoke this Regularly
Wilfredo in New York September 17, 2012
La Campina Corona
One of my favorite coronas of all time. My go to cigar in the morning. (When I can)
Mark in Eagan MN July 7, 2012
La Campina Robusto
"Great Smoke"
Got a 5pk cheap and wasnt expecting much but WOW! For the price these little smokes hit the mark, good burn, good taste, good draw, and great pre-light aroma. For a mild body cigar La Campina is definetly a note worthy stick. .
Texas Smoke in TX December 9, 2011
La Campina Robusto
"Truly enjoyable!"
This cigar brought with it a very nice surprise. First light up presented a nice mouthful of spice and then a strong sense of heat which remained nicely through the smoke - this has to be a result of the jalapeno flavour! Great added taste. Best if you can hit the very back of your pallet and let the smoke ride up your nasopharnyx. A truly enjoyable gar for the price! Nice burn; easy draw; stayed consistent without unwrapping.
Jon in Indiana November 21, 2011
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