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La Campina Reviews

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La Campina Corona
"Very happy with this smoke"
Recieved my first box of La Campina Corona two days ago. Three cigars later I am very impressed with the taste and quality. Smooth enjoyable smoke. Will definitely buy again.
Todd S in Middleton, Wisconsin August 25, 2011
La Campina Robusto
"Great Cheap Alternative"
Got a box of 20 for a pittance at auction, not expecting much. Boy was I wrong! Great burn and an excellent draw combine with good consistency and wonderful taste to create a terrific every day smoke. Give them I try, throw them in your humidor for a month or two and you're golden!
Andrew in Tuscaloosa, AL August 23, 2011
La Campina Toro
"Inexpensive Fantastic Selection"
Ok, These taste a whole lot like , Don Tomas SE, Fonseca F-50, Rocky AMS, but closest to a Perdomo Champagne,but not quite as sweet. These gems are obviously much cheaper. If you are looking for mild-med body solid, tasty smoke you are in the rt section. The ones that I got were GREAT but the tag said that they were Sept 2010. So they obviously had been chillin at famous for a little while. If ya got the time age them for a couple of months and you will realize a truly fantastic bargain. I find myself reaching for it when I'm indecisive, and I've never been let down. I think I might love the Plasencia's. La Floridita Gold , Pai Gow, La Campina I love Em!! I'm not a fan of the fuerte's or stronger blends, just my taste. However if you pleasure tended to run in that direction I'm sure the Plasencias' will have something in the wide selection that will fit your taste. Gosh I wished tellin good stuff got ya some kind of discount. I only buy @ famous and one other. Thanks for being the best. You handled a customer service issue today...no prob thank you for fixxing my issue in 5 min.
Marty in Carrollton Ga August 22, 2011
La Campina Robusto
"Love 'em"
Bought a box on auction and I couldn't be happier. This cigar fits all of my favorite traits of a good smoke.
Josh P in Winter Springs, FL July 4, 2011
La Campina Corona 5 Pack
"((( THIS ONE'S A KEEPER!! )))"
I'm reviewing this cigar for the second to check for it's cigar-to-cigar, consistency-- The La Campina Corona, sports a fine, honey brown wrapper, with only minor veins. It's a mild to medium bodied cigar, that burns even, with a clean whitish, gray ash. Upon lighting this corona, notes of wood, and almonds, with a slight hint of Amaretto, caress the inside of nose. Creamy notes of nuts, with a hint of white pepper, were noted on the palate, throughout the second half of the burn. This corona burns well without leaving any bitter aftertaste in the mouth. The approximate burn time is 70 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this cigar 9. Note--Opinion--This is a great smoke when you'd like something a little milder...
Robb Hughes in Michigan June 22, 2011
La Campina Corona
"Time out and enjoy"
Nice mild smoke, taste constant throughout.
Angelo in Mississauga,Ontario May 6, 2011
La Campina Toro
"Don't buy."
My brother and I both tried these, and we thought they were just awful cigars. 2 out of three of the leafs were still green, and the taste was too bitter and underaged. Take my advice and try something like the Casa Torano or any other Connecticut wrapper.
michael March 18, 2011
La Campina Robusto
I have to say this is one of the worst cigars I smoked. Will not light easily, terrible taste. Don't go for these, should be trash.
Tom Carpenter in Rochester, NY March 18, 2011
La Campina Churchill
"nice pleasant smoke"
Nice, pleasant smoke. Good Mild to medium body that is very smooth and clean on the finish. If you like Romeo 1875 and Perdomo 10th Champagne, this is worth a try. Get the wise guy sampler to compare if you need to, and you'll probably end up buying a box.
Gerard in Atlanta, GA March 12, 2011
La Campina Robusto
"Not bad, but belongs in a bundle"
Nice flavor/aroma, but the construction is not top notch and the wrappers are blemished. If these were a $2/stick bundle cigar they would be great, they are overpriced for what they are.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI February 2, 2011
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