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La Campina Robusto Reviews [view details]

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the best damn cigar I smoked in years great smoke
jim in January 9, 2009
"Pretty good stick!"
I'm not weeping tears of joy, but I do think this smoke is well worth the money. No issues with anything except a little mild and lacking that depth of flavor I crave. Just bought more though! Try some.
jd in Grand Rapids, MI December 20, 2008
"Surprisingly nice!"
Picked these up during a buy one get one deal. Figured that I would try the new blend made by Plasencia for FSS. I was pleasantly surprised by this mild but still flavorful cigar. The smoke is very aromatic. All of my friends that were smoking CAOs at the time all stopped and asked me what it was that I was smoking because it smelled so good. The burn was as even as it gets. The draw was excellent. If you're looking for a mild to medium cigar with a complex flavor and a slight pepper finish to it, this would be a great place to start. A great cigar for the money.
Mike in Indianapolis October 29, 2008
"Great taste for a no-name!"
Tried a 3 cigar sampler Famous was offering and this cigar was one of them. Good taste, nice burn, good aroma. Looking to get some more of these.
Frank in Swedesboro, NJ October 24, 2008
"Save your money"
Plugged, then when I cut off enough to get a draw it was unimpressive. I gotta stop buying these "special" deals
Tom in Penfield October 15, 2008
"bad burn, bad smell, bad taste, poor cigar choice"
i gave these cigars plenty of time in my humidor, but all of them were very poor at best, i rate these far below cheap mexican bundled cigars. the draw,taste and build of la campina robustos are about as inconsistant as cigars can get.
jim s. in michigan October 2, 2008
"new blend"
As part of a new blend 5-pk, I didn't expect much. In fact, after 4-5 puffs I almost put it out. GLAD I DID'NT!. All of a sudden it warmed up, I tasted nuts ,spice , and cedar. Very enjoyable, but certainly med. bodied, not mild. well built and long smoking, the only cigar I could compare it to would be a gispert, with the gispert in second place. I'm going to grab a box and see if they age as well as they smoke! on a 1-10, a 7or8. Thanks for reading! S.
steve2812 in Santa Rosa August 19, 2008
"Very satisfying blend--nice flavor"
Mild to medium smoke with a somewhat complex/somewhat subtle spiciness and an excellent, clean finish, which is also spicy. I wouldn't age them too long--I think the flavor will fade.
Jerry in Connecticut August 9, 2008
"Nice Surprise"
This is a nice smooth smoke. Very mild, yet flavorful. I smoked two right out of the box. I can't wait to see what some humi time will do for them. They are very similar to the Casa Torano robusto. Hints of cedar, leather, nuts, but less creamy.
Jason in Mississippi June 3, 2008
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Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
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