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La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel Reviews [view details]

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"One of my favorites"
This cigar is now a staple in my humidor.
Michael in Syracuse, NY April 24, 2012
"Best Freaking Cigar (from Dominica) Ever!"
I have had the pleasure of tasting cigars from all over the planet. I absolutely love authentic Cuban cigars... however... yes, in this case there is a however, the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel cigar has got to be one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. It is a bit pricey for a Dominican, but it is well worth it. I usually end up smoking these till they literally burn my fingers... yes, that good. These cigars go way beyond full-bodied and should be smoked outside with a nice breeze going, preferably in the evening, with a nice glass of peaty Scotch and on a full stomach. It should take a few hours to smoke one of these, do not rush it or you won't be able to finish it. It takes me 2 1/2 hours roughly to smoke one of these and I enjoy every hit. This is absolutely an astounding cigar. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to buy a box of 10.
Mark Torrence in United States November 18, 2010
"Full review by the Sasquatch: La Flor Dominicana D"
The strength of a honey bee is not in the sting but in the wing. Bees appear to be aerodynamically incapable of flight. But they don?t let that bother them. They overcome gravity, not just with furious flapping of their undersized wings, but with a tiny, nearly imperceptible flourish at the peak of each wing stroke that shifts the balance of air pressure just enough to send them airborne. There?s a lot of talk about the distinction between strength and power. Power comes from position or influence, strength comes from effort and sacrifice, from willpower and drive. Of course, such platitudes are the stuff of motivational posters and army recruitment videos. But there?s a reason for that. There is strength in might, but also in tenderness. There?s strength in passion and in subtlety. And there?s strength in control. A car?s power comes from the engine, but where would we be without brakes? The La Flor Dominicana Chisel (6?54) exemplifies strength in cigars, with power and control. There?s no doubt, this is an intense cigar, but there?s more there than just power. There are subtlety and nuance, and the acknowledgement that power is not enough. The Chisel features LFD?s signature all-ligero blend, with Dominican fillers and binder, and a dark oily Ecuadorian wrapper. I selected the dark natural, but it?s also available in a maduro. The most notable initial feature of the Chisel is its shape. It?s, well, a chisel, tapering to a half-inch wide point designed for a pleasant embouchure. There is some debate about the proper way to open the Chisel, whether to cut a notch across the ?blade? or to use a punch to open a hole in the flat ?face? near the end. Don?t do either of these. The Chisel can be opened by simply pinching the head of the cigar parallel to the axis of tip, creating a perfect slit opening. If you?re worried about the wrapper splitting or some other problem, don?t. It works perfectly every time. The draw from the pinch is open and light, with no cracking or splitting. The head can also be moistened, softening the capa, and further simplifying the procedure. The initial flavors are of intense dark tobacco, with heavy roasted earth and leather, and a hint of tangy bourbon. Pace yourself: you can feel a nicotine tingle from the heady ligeros. The burn wanders persistently, and requires regular maintenance, producing a gray ash which is flat and generally not well-formed. Within the second inch, the flavors developed a thick layer of dark caramelized wood, with an extraordinary deep, rich character which continues to darken and intensify throughout the long slow burn. The finish is long and oaky. I rate this cigar 8.6. It?s a unique figurado, with intensity and depth, strength and flavor. It loses points for persistent burn issues, which might improve with slightly drier aging. Until next time, this is the Cigar Sasquatch saying, ?Love what you smoke, and smoke what you love.? Full review available at the CigarSasquatch.com: http://www.cigarsasquatch.com/fullrev/cigar-sasquatch-la-flor-dominicana-double-ligero-chisel-6x54/ Nearly ALL cigars reviewed by the Squatch have been purchased through Famous. (Cigars that were not purchased through Famous were not available from Famous at that time.)
Tyson in Aliso Viejo, CA August 10, 2010
"Worst Cigar I have ever Smoked"
Smoked 1 of these and got sick from it. The taste was harsh and bitter and not what everyone is raving about. These cigars are not worth 50 cents apiece. What total garbage and a waste of money for sure.
craig in MI July 31, 2010
"Two Thumbs Up!"
wow! just had my first "Chisel" and it was superb. oozing with flavor, great draw, even burn. the chisel totally lived up to its reputation.
~t in Berkeley, CA June 20, 2010
"None better"
Best I've had.... Hands down!
Kevin in PA March 5, 2009
I occaisionally try other smokes, and I don't know why?! These are the only champions I need to allow to entertain my senses. All the rest are just second best.
Link in FTW May 1, 2008
Ok, maybe not speechless, but this cigar was pretty amazing. I wasn't sure how I was going to like the chisel, but it really grew on me. It spread the smoke across the pallet nice. This cigar lasted, and lasted...and lasted. And the flavor- wow. I have been a smoker of all sorts of tobacco for a good 15 or more years so my pallet took to this cigar really well- ok, my mouth watered after lighting it. This isn't an every day smoke, but, if it was I probably would be in heaven.
Eric D. in Maryland August 22, 2006
(limited-edition) very strong,deep and "mystery"aroma palette,but not too strong!its my favorite puros with maduro no:2 premium-line(figurado) from la flor dominicana
pekka savinainen in - August 18, 2006
"You can't believe this cigar"
To smoke this cigar right you have to punch a hole through the "chisel" just about 1/4" from the end. You'll find that as the smoke enters your mouth it hits both your palate and tongue at the same time. Quite an experience. This cigar is not to be taken lightly, and is not for the timid smoker. Don't try it on an empty stomach, but it is perfect with a good brandy or a double expresso. It is powerful but quite elegant in it's flavor. I'll always have some in my humidor for really special occasions.
Carmel59 in Helen, GA March 14, 2006
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