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La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro Reviews

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La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro L-500
"Xlnt puff"
I normally puff on 52-54 sticks and decided to give this fatty a try. Nearly 6 months in the humi I fired one up, and hoo-boy, was I pleased. Not enough words that hasn't already been conveyed by other raters. Good and cool down to the stub. Very enjoyable puff!
Donald in Nor Cal September 21, 2013
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro Mysterio
"One of the richest cigars I ever had"
This is one of the best cigars I ever had. It competes only with the Cohiba 5 Maduro. It is full of spicy aromatic flavor. The wrap is oily and well constructed. The only "negative" point is that the draw when you light up is very tight and poor because of the narrow tip, but again this tip is made to give it an equal burn when you light up this cigar. The burn is very consistant. The appearance is very elegant and well presented. Though the price is affordable ($14.6 each), it is not an all-day cigar; it is a cigar for special moments.
Hossam in Doha May 22, 2012
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro L-400
"My Favorite Smoke"
Been smoking this cigar for a while, one purchase at a time. Just bought my first box. Not inexpensive but hey, "life is too short to smoke cheap cigars" right??? Full of flavors, spices. Nice oily wrapper and silky feel. Have never had a bad burn or draw. I suggest that no one buy these, so that I can have more to myself!
Tim in Orlando June 4, 2010
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro L-500
definetly the best cigar i ever smoked when i can get them thats all i smoke
ezio in new jersey June 2, 2010
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro L-400
"My absolute favorite!"
I call this my Deserted Island Cigar. Its my absolute favorite. Now don't get me wrong, I smoke many, many different brands, wrappers, fillers, what have you, but I smoke this cigar everyday. Its strong, but not overpowering. It has many complexities, but is extremely consistant. It burns cool and evenly, and you'll smoke it til your lips burn. When the Cubans come, I'll still be smoking this cigar, I promise.
Clint in Norman, OK January 23, 2010
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro L-400
"Excellent flavor and smoke experience!"
La Flor Dominicana Cabinet Oscuro cigars are full-bodied premium cigars meticulously handcrafted with potent Ligero longfillers and either zesty Ecuadorian Sumatra or naturally sweet and succulent U.S. Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrappers. These selections are considered to be among some of the finest cigars made in the Dominican Republic. This is a highly respected label that every cigar smoker should experience, especially if you love bold, spicy tobacco flavor that's not overpowering. I keep this blend of sigars in stock in my humidor and my locker.. Excellent flavor and smoke quality.
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma April 2, 2009
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro L-250
"Fantastic Smoke"
La Flor Dominicana has done it again. This is a fantastic cigar if your preference is for a full flavored cigar. The wrapper adds so much to the flavor of this cigar. Sweet smooth and full. Litto Gomez knows his business.
Mike in Colorado September 15, 2008
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro L-300
"not a smoke,an experience!"
This one is different-full-flavoured,but with the emphasis on flavor.You might not smoke this before breakfast,but this one is my dessert smoke.Perfect construction(Torano-style)perfect burn,and a one-of-kind flavor.Must-try!
Frank Palance in CT December 16, 2006
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro L-400
"Worth every dime"
These are expensive, but are sooooo worth it. They aren't overpowering but they're definately a full bodied cigar. The draw and burn are very consistent, even among the large ring gauges. These make me not miss cubans so much. :-) My favorite cigar, love 'em!
Wscott in OH September 15, 2006
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