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La Flor Dominicana Little Cigars Carajos (6) Reviews [view details]

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"Good but shouldn't cost more then a petit Tatuaje"
I like these cigars. Great spice, flavors, and typical LFD nicotine punch, although this blend seems to be a bit more ligero heavy and it makes it taste a bit more bitter at times. I've had burn and draw issues, but I think they are shipped fairly wet, so dry box them for a day or so if you intend to smoke them relatively soon after purchase. However, even at the sale price, I wouldn't purchase them over a petit Tatuaje, which suprisingly can be found for cheaper. I do like the presentation of these in their cedar flip top case. Unfortunately, you don't smoke the packaging though.
Eran in Raleigh, NC October 27, 2009
"Very disappointing from a favorite cigar maker."
A very disappointing cigar. I really could not get a good draw and from what I did it was harsh and bitter. I tried 3 and had to toss it away after getting through only a 1/4 of the way down. Not what I expected from a favorite cigar maker of mine.
Len Entrabartolo in Califon, NJ September 4, 2009
"lots of flavor"
This little cigar demands respect. I was actually shocked at how much flavor this thing had. Not to mention the billowing clouds of smoke it produced. Smoked for 20-30 min down to the nub. It never got too hot either. This cigar is perfect for cold weather. And the fact that these are hand made with long filler tobacco makes this a no brainer.
nick in east lansing October 22, 2008
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10 Construction (80) 100
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