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La Floridita Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"Belicoso Only So-So!!"
I smoked most versions of the now departed previous La Floridita. I found them to be a pretty good value for the buck although some were inconsistent and hard on the taste buds.I'm now smoking the new, natural version of the Belicoso and they vary from average to very bitter. I have to admit, I liked the older version better.
Rich Dudis in Elizabeth, N.J. October 9, 2004
I've been smoking Romeo Y Julieta 6x50's for years. Tired of paying $80 to $100 a box for a marginal cigar I'm sampling bundles for an everyday cigar. This cigar burned fairly even. My Romeo's don't do that. The draw was a little loose. The taste was the disappointment.The from begining to just before the very end, the taste was as if the cigar got wet dried out an I smoked it. I choked on a couple of draws. Thare was no tobacco taste. At the very end I sensed a little nutty flavor but that was not worth having smoke the rest of the cigar to get to that.
Bob in Palm Desert Ca October 8, 2004
These are the worst cigars I have ever smoked. I have smoked both the Robusto and the Gigante and both were great. These would not burn even had to keep relighting and the taste was NASTY (sent them back). Save your money!
Eddyg in Sunshine State September 30, 2004
"Great Bundle Cigar"
Flor De Oliva is my everyday smoke but when I saw the 8+ ratings on La Floridita I had to try it. It is a great bundle cigar. It does need a lot of "touching up" as it tries to tunnel but the flavor, smooth draw and price are compensation enought. Now that I've tried the naturals I will try the maduro's. My favorites are Sancho Panza and someone else referenced a favorable comparison. I would highly recommend you try these. They are well worth the shot for an everyday smoke.
Gary in Suwanee Ga. May 28, 2004
"Best But Under a Buck!!!!"
I found this Smoke on sale for .90 each in the singles section. A really good deal. Smoked like a $5 cigar, with a very unique flavor and a perfect draw. A real find I would not be ashamed to share with my friends. I plan to pick-up a bundle for my next party and let everyone in on this deal.
Michael Daniewicz in Edison, New Jersey June 5, 2003
"best cigar value ever found , 15 years searching"
I have smoked many brands and types of cigars , in all price ranges and have repeatedly been disappointed, after 15 years the Floridita represents the first GREAT value in the cigar world and is consistently excellent .
Chris Bryant in Wildwood , GA February 16, 2003
"How do you guys keep doing it!"
How do you guys keep delivering such great cigars at such unbelievable prices. The Floridita Belicoso natural was an overall 9 in my book. I have been on several business trips and have had the pleasure of smoking these with several fellow associates. Just prior to our last meeting I got calls begging me to bring more. I love them and they draw high praise from my good friends with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing them with. Remind me of real old fashioned great cigars from years ago. Please don't ever drop this brand.
Randy in Mukwonago WI February 7, 2003
"La Foridita Belecoso"
The belecoso La Foridita has become one of my favorite regular smokes. Belecoso sounds like a little cigar, but this is really a box pressed regular sized torpedo. They have a nice gray ash from the long fillers used in the cigar. This cigar is a long lasting, even burning and tasty with a spicey flavor. I have tried both maduro and natural wrappers, but seem to prefer the natural. As far as naturals go, it is a dark sun grown wrapper, but certainly provides the right flavors to make this the best buy in the Famous Smoke catalog. The price is right, because this is really a premium cigar in a bundle disguise.
Rick in Huntsville, AL November 10, 2002
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10 Consistency (78) 100
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10 Draw (83) 100
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10 Appearance (85) 100
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10 Taste (82) 100
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10 Construction (83) 100
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