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La Floridita Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"Great cigar for the money"
I have smoked through nearly the entire bundle of these maduros and have enjoyed every one immensely. They have all had a very consistent, even burn, the draw is perfect and they taste great. For about $1.50/stick, this is the best value I've encountered in a cigar after having tried countless brands over the years.
Randy B in Maine May 24, 2010
"Decent Smoke, Slow Burn"
Picked these up for the "what a bargain" price and was not dissatisfied. A good cigar taste but a really slow burn. Be ready to spend a good hour or so with this belicoso with one or two re-lights on the last 2 inches.
STEVE in JAX, FLA May 13, 2009
"Terrible Burn"
I bought some bundles during a great sale at Famous. Mild maduro that is not anything to be excited about. The burn is the worst of any cigar I have ever had. After two bundles, I have yet to find one single cigar that has not burn anywhere close to even. Canoing, tunneling, you name it, these things are continually needing a touch up. I have tried all the tricks to correct this with no luck. I have had other cigars from Nestor Plasencia that tend to have the same problem. I smoke cigars for enjoyment, whether you like the flavor or not, there is no enjoyment in trying to correct the burn of these sticks. Try something else.
C.W. in Minnesota March 30, 2009
"Not bad"
Fairly nice construction, the one I just smoked had a soft spot that caused a slight run which did correct itself. Good, not great, flavor. Light pepper, hints of woodiness and coffee. No bad aftertaste. Decent value.
Toadfalto in Duluth Mn March 11, 2009
"Bang for the Buck"
I bought these at aution and was not quite sure what to expect. On arrival I was surprised how consistant they appeared. The draw was good and the taste was much, much better than expected. A true bargain at $30 a bundle, or at aution for less than $20.
Bruce in Rhode Island February 18, 2009
"Fairly good maduro Torpedo"
Maduro torpedos (Belicoso) I've smoked so far seem to be fairly good tasting for their price level. Draw has been amazingly good but "side-burner" troubles have happened more often than I'd like. For 40 cigars for $34, I don't feel gyped. More time resting in humidor will have a good effect on them, I Hope ! ! !
Vince in Blue Springs, MO February 9, 2009
"Not bad for the price"
For the price I wasn't expecting much. Surprise! These are not a bad smoke. Good draw and taste for a value cigar. These are not the smokes I would have with a good single malt, but they are good outside smoke.
Roger in Orlando December 29, 2008
"Very inconsistant. Tastes great, next one bad."
These cigars are initially very good, but are not consistant. They burn good, then draw poorly, burn down the side and are hot and bitter. The next one will be good. Who knows?
Will in Montana October 15, 2008
"Good draw, good flavor, very enjoyable"
Nice slow burn, easy draw, enjoyable flavor.
JR in Lake Elsinore, August 28, 2008
"Soft, Hot, and dry finish"
I shared this cigar with 9 other coaches after lunch from the same bundle. my expectations were that the cigar would be sweet and burn consistently, which didnt come close to being correct. Virtually everyone having one had burn issues, the beginning seems to have a plug that prevents the draw from occuring, as if they were horrifically made by some new rollers. the craftsmanship is crap on these as they will not come closoe to resembling a premium cigar. They smoke like a sandwich cigar which left out some of the fullness tabacco wise. Its as if this cigar is made with less tobacco, however, after you get past the plug issue in the beginning of the smoke, it mellows out a bit then finishes very hot and dry with a heavy sour aftertaste which I completely was not epxecting. the Coaches i shared this particular bundle belicoso wont make any effort to buy this cigar again, the Mosaico's broadleaf is considerably sweeter with a much better aftertaste. The positives for this cigar is it looks good before smoking it. It has a decent aroma and its draw is excellent once past the intial plug that occurs within the first couple of inches. A few had very large stems, remove those and the cigar gets softer and burns more easily. Do not expect a sweet tasting maduro as this cigar doesnt begin to resemble a sweet maduro, while the cigar looks like a premium, once lit up it wont begin to act like a premium. expect to have some burning issues and expect the cigar to be soft as if a less amount of tobacco was used to create the cigar as its definitely not a boxed version of any other brands, as it would be hard to find a boxed cigar that is this lousy craftasmanship wise.
thebaby981 in LSU country July 18, 2008
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