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La Floridita Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"La Floridita Belicoso Maduro es seguro"
One of the benefits of having these review areas is not only reading what your compadres think of a particular cigar, but I've found recently as I've gotten older, I've forgotten what I really thought of that cigar (if I don't smoke it often), and going to the review area - only to find that I've also written a review of a version of that cigar. It helps you to remember what you liked or disliked about it. This holds true for the La Floridita maduro. Reading the reviews made me want to try it again to see if I wanted to buy more. Tonight, I finally got around to having the belicoso and I found that if I puffed it a little differently, more slowly -(bringing less heat prematurely into the cigar), yet still getting a good draw, I enjoyed it a lot more, and avoided some of the taste I didn't like before. I could tell that if I puffed on it more aggressively it would have crossed the line into a more bitter taste. This one had some humidor time, and just went down smoothly, burning fine and with a nice pleasant smokey sweetness - which led me to the decision, "Yes, get some more. Now, while they're still on sale!"
S.P. in Northern Virginia May 23, 2008
"ok 4 the $"
Not good @ first, tough draw, a little dry but gets better about half way through.
Hammie in Brooklyn, NY May 21, 2008
"OK so far but we'll see"
I figured to take a chance with a price like that and so far it's fine - again considering the price. Have only tried the maduro's and will try the naturals next. These are not something I'd tout highly but if you want a decent cigar at a great price, they're hard to beat.
Bill in California May 19, 2008
"Good Now, Great Later"
Taste truly is a subjective beast, but I have a hard time understanding the harsh dislike some have of this brand. It's a good cigar and a truly fantastic deal - a medium-full everyday cigar that smokes very well right out of the bundle. If you want a real surprise, though, age them for a while. One of the belicoso maduros burrowed into the bottom of one of my humidors for about a year and I snagged the bugger while heading out on a recent fishing trip. Near the end of the day, happy about the fishing, I lit up. Terrific! Tasted surprising like a CAO Brazilia - and I hadn't been drinking much. Give them a try.
Dale in Eastern Washington May 13, 2008
"Surprisingly Good Smoke"
When I ordered the bundle of these cigars, at only $33, I did not count on them being anything special. I enjoy a medium to full flavor cigar and thought that these could sit in my humidor for awhile just in case I ever ran out of my normal smokes (A. Fuente Mad. Chateau or Hoya de Monterey Mad.'s) I'd have one that would hold me over until I could make a run to the local cigar shop. I smoked my first one the evening they arrived and was shocked at how nice it smoked right out of the box. The draw was smooth, burn was fairly even (slight run on one side that was stopped by one drop of water off of my bottle of beer) and the taste was unbelievable for a $1.65 cigar. I did notice a stem in the filler near the cap after I cut it, and was worried that it might be plugged, but it did not seem to affect the draw. I'll still smoke my favorites but I don?t think this bundle will last nearly as long as I expected. If you like a cigar with a rich flavor, you should give these a try. For the money, you can?t go wrong.
David in Palm Coast, FL August 10, 2007
"Lucious Leathery Aroma"
Ordered a bundle of the torps in maduro after reading so much about how wonderful the originals were. Since these were made in a different factory I had no idea what I would be getting. I haven't a clue what the first run La Floridita's tasted like, but they couldn't be better than these. The cigars have a distinct leathery aroma before lighting. The smoke is pleasant, full bodied, but not harsh with a nice spiciness and a unique flavor I can't put my finger on. This cigar is a very pleasant surprise and doesn't deserve to come in a bundle, but I for one am glad it does! It has become one of my favorites and I'm definitely ordering more. Thank you Famous!
John in North Carolina December 29, 2006
"Quality went downhill"
I've enjoyed many of these over the past few years, but the last bundle was awful. Almost everyone burned very unevenly. Probably bought my last bundle.
Edd in Michigan July 25, 2006
"Cheap 'n Cheerful"
Very good for the cheap USA dollar. Impossible to get anything like this in the UK, and Famous's Charlie is so nice to know. These are cheap, everyday smokes not to be confused with a classy smoke. Rough, ready, and eager to please though.
Roy.R in UK June 29, 2006
"A very disappointing smoke!"
I bought two bundles when they were on special after reading the reviews. What a disappointing smoke! Maybe one in six live up the the Famous Smoke write-up. Some are rolled so tight you can hardly draw, others canoe really bad, still others burn like they have a stick or stem in the middle. When they do smoke good they are an enjoyable stick, but it is a real crap shoot. I won't buy these again.
Chris Ewer in New Mexico June 22, 2006
"Consistent cigar for the $"
Been receiving the Maduro Belicoso for 2 years, and when I need a consistent smoke to have when I'm working around the yard or just chilling out, there is NO better value for the $. The construction and the taste and consistency throughout is second to none for a cigar of this price. I consider this my 'comfort' cigar. I have ordered well over a dozen Belicoso bundles over the years and have rarely been disappointed. Nestor Plasencia is a genius!
Gymrat in May 14, 2006
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