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La Floridita Reviews

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La Floridita Presidente
"Poor Burn"
I bought these several times and they were good. This last bundle doesn't burn or draw well. Too moist or dense.
Kevin in Florida November 18, 2014
La Floridita Belicoso
"Horrible Burn"
Waste of money. Loosely rolled; uneven/hot burn. Will not stay lit.
Jeff in NC September 8, 2014
La Floridita Pancho
"Good deal"
I ve smoked dozens of these bundles over the years and found them pretty consistent and pretty good... often times quite excellent. I should mention that I normally smoke the PANCHO size with the NATURAL wrapper. The maduro is not so great in my opinion. I ve also smoked the Belicoso and Corona, finding them equal to the Pancho. The Presidente wasn t so great. I ve also noticed they seem to be a little better after sitting in a humidor for a month or two. All in all this is an enjoyable cheap smoke that s worth the price especially if you can get them on sale .
Jake the Muss in Cleveland, OH July 24, 2014
La Floridita Toro
"Good cigar"
Good construction and flavor with surprising complexity. Just be sure to age for at least a few months.
Byron in Newark OH January 3, 2014
La Floridita Pancho
"An overall good stick"
Smoked a couple and then got a bundle. Lit one up the day of delivery and smoked it to the delicious finish.
Mr. Blues in Central MN December 9, 2013
La Floridita Corona Gigante
"My worst nightmare"
The absolutely worst I ve ever tried. HORRIBLE taste, tunneling burn, not one in the bundle was anything I would smoke if I got them for nothing. They should not be selling this junk.They should be embarassed.
Mel Hurst in Ephrata, Pennsylvania November 8, 2013
La Floridita Toro 5 Pack
"Damn Good Smoke"
Have read earlier reviews and have to say the 2 I have enjoyed are a bargain and an enjoyable smoke. Would have to say they are my go to " utility" smoke.. these reviews are not something you want to believe when you bid.No problem though, because I'm going to snatch them up every time they are offered.
Dan in Lawto November 4, 2013
La Floridita Pancho
"Garbage Cigar"
Did not burn, kept having to re-light. One had a hard clump in the middle that I had to cutoff to light again. I got these free with an order and would never buy.
Elton in Sioux Falls SD October 30, 2013
La Floridita Corona Gigante
by far the worst cigar,out of 40 cigars they all tunneled and burned down on side. Don t waste your money.
Mike in Florida October 21, 2013
La Floridita Lonsdale
Flavor was mediocre at best, but keeping them lit was horrible! Don't waste your money!
RB in Pa October 17, 2013
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