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La Floridita Reviews

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La Floridita Lonsdale
"Junk, dont waste your money !!"
Cigar Looks good, but can not keep it lit, outside wrap does not burn, burns uneven, when lit it acts like shrink tubing !!!
Joe in Illinois October 5, 2013
La Floridita Corona
"Bad Cigar"
This is a really bad cigar. I will say the worse cigar I had ever smoke!!(I like medium or full flavor)."NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL"
franklyn in las negas,nv September 16, 2013
La Floridita Toro 5 Pack
"let it sit a while"
It's a great cigar after it sits a while in a humidor so let it sit and then enjoy. Unless you want to smoke it right out of the mail box. Then you should pass on this one.
Jordan in ilwaco August 26, 2013
La Floridita Lonsdale
"Poor cigars"
By different cigars all the time some are good others not so good, this has to be the worst one yet. Good looking, but not so good smoking
Ross in Pawhuska, OK August 24, 2013
La Floridita Corona Gigante
"Terrible burn"
EVERY ONE OF THESE TUNNELED! Don't waste your money.
dmack in Colorado July 28, 2013
La Floridita Lonsdale
"doesn't stay lit..."
I have gone through 5 of these and so far, they don't stay lit. they go out in less than a minute,much less.
stephen in va. July 20, 2013
La Floridita Corona Gigante
"U get what u pay for"
Only way to keep these lit is to puff every 10 seconds. I'm gonna run out of butane before this bundle again. No way I'd buy again. Previously bought white noise. Like night and day. Going back to them.
Frank in My July 7, 2013
La Floridita Belicoso
"First and last"
The only good thing I can say about this cigar as it looked nice. To start with I had to cut it twice to get a draw. Then it burned terribly...tunneling and the wrapper won't burn. i went through all the fluid in my lighter keeping it lit. All I can remember of the taste was harshness with a hint of butane. As it was I had this in my humidor for 2 months or so...but I should have taken it out of the cellophane and left it in there for a year. It was apparently rolled the week I bought...
Tony in Syracuse NY July 6, 2013
La Floridita Belicoso
"Not worth the effort, I'll pass"
Good taste but a PITA to keep lit. I used less matches to smoke a pipe. Wrapper is fireproof but the filler burns fast, tunnels for half the cigar then settles down. Gave one to my buddy, he doesn't want anymore. Can't give them away.
FREDM in CT June 25, 2013
La Floridita Pancho
"Love these naturals"
Granted, these have been aging in my humidor for a few months - the burn was smooth, the aroma is exquisite. My favorite La Floridita!
Sisyphus in Gloucester, MA June 24, 2013
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