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La Floridita Belicoso
"La Floridita Belicoso"
TERRIBLE! With the exception of one the cigars from the bundle of 20 all were rolled to loose which made for a hot smoke. Cigar became too hot to handle and also contain a great number of roots which made for a pretty noticeable uneven burn. two days ago I asked for some type of credit on my next order (not this brand for sure)and I'm still waiting for a reply. These cigars should be taken of the market.
Jorge in California June 24, 2013
La Floridita Corona Gigante
The most uneven burn I have ever encountered. The loose wrapping made it feel like I had an empty wind pipe in my mouth. I'm cheap this is the first time I'm throwing out a bunch. Horrible.
Barry Feldman in Sea Cliff NY May 25, 2013
La Floridita Belicoso
"Waste of Money"
Bought these on sale and I can see why they were so cheap. Very uneven burn, not a very good taste, uneven draw...consistently bad.
Mike in Ohio May 22, 2013
La Floridita Toro
"Not good"
3 of the 5 would not stay lit. Burned very uneven and were a pain in the a** to smoke. The other two in the pack were not much better.
Bryan in Tampa May 18, 2013
La Floridita Corona Gigante
The draw is way too easy for lack of even rolling - it's like having a wind tunnel in your mouth. That combined with a horribly uneven burn that kept going out! made it un smokable. Anyone want 24 more. A waste at any price. And it was recommended by the phone aide which iIm not to happy about.
Barry in Sea Cliff NY May 11, 2013
La Floridita Pancho
"Threw them away."
4 of these came in a La Florida sampler. I had one within 3 weeks, which was less than satisfying. The burn was uneven, it left a residue in my mouth, and tasted less than ideal. I let the remaining 3 sit in my humidor for 2 months and had my second one today. The taste was discusting to the point of nauseating within the first 5 mins of smoking. I'll be throwing the last 2 away. They simply are not worth it. I am very fond of the other cigars that came in this sampler.
Dewskerz in San Diego, CA April 4, 2013
La Floridita Pancho
"Tempermental...worst burning cigar."
The burn and ash was ridiculously bad. It constantly went out and constantly canoed when it was lit. I even cut it, to no avail. It had very good flavorful moments. A dominant spice and cedar flavor mostly with some good espresso moments and the smoke was very good at times. The amount of relighting took away the entire positive of the cigar (flavor). I would never buy it again; it's a constant battle (I've smoked two). Definitely not a relaxing cigar because of it. Do not buy, it is not worth it.
DS March 14, 2013
La Floridita Toro
"Bad Experience"
My normal yardgar is Flor de Oliva maduro. But I got these in a 5 pak from Cigar Auctioneer for less than a dollar each. Smoked three just messing around the yard and cleaning out the garage. I remember the first one was pretty harsh, the second was ok for a dollar smoke, don’t remember the third. I sat down to review the fourth today. As with the others, it’s very nice looking; smooth, oily shine, small veins, firm to the touch. Prelight had a taste of pepper, lite hint of sweetness. Clean cut with my Xikar Xi1, good pre-light draw. Toasted foot, a little bitter start into a sweet earthy taste for the first ¾” nice amount of smoke. It all went bad from there. I put it down to rest and burn went out, had started tunneling. I cut off about ¾” and relit. If I didn’t keep puffing, it would go out. Down to second third of the cigar, it has full smoke, flavor back and forth between harsh and earthiness but has continued to tunnel. It got very hot considering I had to keep puffing. Cut some off again; about an inch this time. A few more puffs and I gave up and tossed it in a dog hole. I have one left maybe it can redeem this smoke.
John in Florida February 24, 2013
La Floridita Pancho
"never again"
I wonder if the people that make This cigar smoke it. Carrie lighter fluid or lot of matches. Because you will have to relight it after every puff . Very disappointed. Would never recommend. !!
tom in ohio December 3, 2012
La Floridita Belicoso
"these sticks are damn good!"
I was'nt too sure about these more inexpensive smokes since I'm really tired of spending moocho coinage for the big name cigars only to be left in a tasteless ploom of smoke.These were the first bundle I've ever bought and these are really good! Flavor,construction,burn all at a nice price point!I'll make sure the humi is locked when my buddys come over!
vinman in michigan November 15, 2012
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