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Had one right after delivery and was it a dissapointment.The burn was a real nightmare,had to keep a lighter in hand at all times.It canoed awful and it kept going out,it draws ok but the burn was awful.Good flavor and aroma.Hope humidification helps,as here it is a week later and they are a little better after the third one.
Sam in Central Maine July 4, 2010
"OK for the price"
Got these even cheaper on auction. They are much better than the Lonsdales (see my review) but that's not saying much. They are ok but I'm glad I got them cheap and won't be looking for more.
Michael 47 in Gaffney SC March 27, 2010
"a good cigar"
I was impressed..I'm always looking for a decent cheap cigar..For some reason I liked the taste of the Corona size a bit better than the Pancho and the Toro..
Charlie C. in Richmond,VA December 29, 2008
"You get what you pay for..."
I am a firm believer that you can find wonderful smokes out there that don't have to cost you a fortune. And I have found many great deals at Famous before. But these La Floridita Coronas were awful. I paid less than a dollar a stick and I still feel ripped off! Harsh taste, harsh smoke, bad time. I am not going to even bother giving these away. Spend your money else where!
MoodSwing in Fresno,CA April 22, 2008
"Big Mistake"
I met this girl somewhere, don't remember where, and don't want to. Some dumb ass cigar buddy of mine talked me into it with the old put a bag over her head reasoning. We were real drunk at the time. I was feeling lonely so I decided to go out with her, and we had a one night stand. Now I keep seeing her down town and I have to say hello, and make like she is my friend. I hate it because I always have to make up an excuse why I haven't asked her out again. Blah Blah Blah. I will never have cheap one night sex again. The consequenses are just not worth it.
nightjoe in Sagle, ID July 2, 2006
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