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La Floridita Corona Gigante Reviews [view details]

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"Bad Draw stay away"
I won a bundle of these cigar last year. I tried to smoke a few and wow they sucked because they had terrible draw, so I put them in the back of my humi in hopes they would get better. Nope still terrible draw. The one thing I do have to say about these cigar, is if you poke something down the entire length of the cigar and can actually get a draw off of them the taste is great.
John in South Dakota August 16, 2008
These are ok, if you have nothing else to smoke. I am holding these for when that occasion arrives. You get what you pay for I guess.
George in S.A June 2, 2008
"Great smoke for the price"
This has become my everyday smoke. The taste is great and the value even better. You get a cigar every now and then that will canoe and tunnel but for the price, it is just unbeatable.
Mitch Witham in Tabernacle, NJ December 31, 2007
"Well Worth The Price"
The burn was abit uneven but overall you can't beat the smoke for the price. Great taste and the burn was slow and the draw was even throughout.
Lew in Cape Cod September 13, 2007
"Fell short of expectations"
I bought a bundle through the yankee auction and from the reviews thought I had found a nice inexpensive, everday smoke. The appearance, contruction and draw were very nice, but the burn was terrible all the way down. The burn problems ran the gammut; canoeing, tunneling and needed frequent relights and touch-ups. The flavor was greatly hurt by the burn issues, as I'm sure you know what a foul taste the tunneling and needed relights can cause. The only flavor that was decent happened the last quarter of the cigar, so I'm tempted to cut them to the size of a robusto to skip the burn/flavor problems. I've smoked three from the bundle and have been disappointed in all three. Maybe they will improve with some humi time, as I really wanted to enjoy these good looking smokes.
John in Canal Fulton, OH August 25, 2007
"Good, but?"
Only complaint was that many out of the bundle didn't burn very well. Some did, some did not? Other then that it was good cigar. I've had better luck with the other shapes and will probably stick with them. Not a bad cigar, however.
Vincent in Chattanooga August 21, 2007
"Can't Beat em for the money(love the maduros)."
GGGGGGGGreat cigar for the price from the construction,burn,draw and value,barely a notch behind the more exspensive brands my everyday go to cigar,great for the golf course or cutting grass keep em comin famous,Thanks.
Ed Trowbridge in Pennsylvania January 31, 2007
"Holy Smokes!"
Extreme Bargain Hunters take note: These things are mighty good! Smoking the Corona Gigante in maduro, this cigar makes an impression wayyyy before lighting. The wrapper is deep and lustrous; oily, shiny, and practically vein free. It resonates a wonderful pre-light flavor and aroma which speaks of a cigar that usually costs me (and you) alot more than this one did. It has strong black coffee flavors throughout, and although this cigar might look intimidating it is so smooth and well blended that you find yourself at the end before you know hardly even know it. Impressive draw for a cigar of this size, consistency of construction is there...They even burned even for the most part after just a couple of days off the truck. I've only ever had to do just occasional minor touch-ups to correct the burn. This is one of the most impressive cigars for the money to come along in a long time. These are going on my ALL-TIME BARGAIN LIST right beside the Flor de Oliva bundle series, and Roly bundles. If you're not hip to these tasty sticks, hurry up before you miss the boat!
Rev. R. L. Poole in Fairborn, Ohio January 30, 2007
"Ordered many brands, La Floridita the best."
Listen, if you don't buy these cigars you are not a true cigar smoker. A greeeaaat cigar
Douglas Latkanich Sr. in Foley Al. January 9, 2007
"Nice cigar"
Great burn. great flavor. I didn't want them to end. I will buy more of these.
Joe in Pittsburgh December 17, 2006
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