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La Floridita Corona Gigante Reviews [view details]

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"U get what u pay for"
Only way to keep these lit is to puff every 10 seconds. I'm gonna run out of butane before this bundle again. No way I'd buy again. Previously bought white noise. Like night and day. Going back to them.
Frank in My July 7, 2013
The most uneven burn I have ever encountered. The loose wrapping made it feel like I had an empty wind pipe in my mouth. I'm cheap this is the first time I'm throwing out a bunch. Horrible.
Barry Feldman in Sea Cliff NY May 25, 2013
Took a shot with these. Very disapointed. Price withstanding, and I understand you get what you paid for. These are not good cigars. Poorly made. The draw is very bad. Need a vacum to even try to get a whiff. I will say, not all of the bundle were like that, just most of them. No flavors to speak of and they burn very poorly. Lots of canoeing. Will not buy them again.
Jake in Boston August 17, 2011
"Very Good Cigar!"
Very good cigar, great price, perfect ring gage, well made! One of my favorite affordable every day cigars!
in Pgh, PA March 12, 2011
"Really like these"
Great smoke for the money! smooth draw wonderful taste. Found my new every day cigar!!
Paul in Atlanta September 19, 2009
"decent for the money"
Good every day smoke.These fill the need for that smoke while your working on a project.I've been smoking these for a while now.Can't find any better for the price.
Chuck Bartels in Illinois July 1, 2007
"Not So Good"
I smoked about 5 of these and decided to put them away. Very harsh and ashy, the draw is very hard and the wrappers arent constructed very well (they came off when I transferred them into my humidor). Low cost-you get what you pay for
Paul G in Colorado February 6, 2007
"Inconsistent.. Some good..More not so good"
Bought a bundle and the first one I smoked was good.. ash was almost 2" long and it burnt even. The next one I smoked burn uneven and seemed to have hard spots..burnt on one side.. Unfortunatley, I'm on the 8th one and most have burnt in spurts on one side or another. On taking the last one apart (Couldn't resist) I discovered up to almost twig sized (1/8") stems in the filler.
Lee Yackey in California May 2, 2006
"Spend the afternoon..."
I bought a bundle of these last summer, but haven't had one for about 7 months since. When I had one this weekend, I was not only surprised at how steady and smooth it smoked, but also how LONG it took to finish. Almost an hour and 45 minutes, and I could have gone awhile longer without too much effort. I NEVER had to re-light either. Definitely worth the $$$.
Michael Stewart in Chicago White Sox! March 28, 2006
"Excellent cigar for the money"
Fine cigar for the money. Burns unevenly from cigar to cigar, but good, mild taste.
Michael McKinney in Columbia City, Indiana November 10, 2004
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10 Construction (76) 100
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