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La Floridita Corona Gigante Reviews [view details]

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"My worst nightmare"
The absolutely worst I ve ever tried. HORRIBLE taste, tunneling burn, not one in the bundle was anything I would smoke if I got them for nothing. They should not be selling this junk.They should be embarassed.
Mel Hurst in Ephrata, Pennsylvania November 8, 2013
by far the worst cigar,out of 40 cigars they all tunneled and burned down on side. Don t waste your money.
Mike in Florida October 21, 2013
"Terrible burn"
EVERY ONE OF THESE TUNNELED! Don't waste your money.
dmack in Colorado July 28, 2013
The draw is way too easy for lack of even rolling - it's like having a wind tunnel in your mouth. That combined with a horribly uneven burn that kept going out! made it un smokable. Anyone want 24 more. A waste at any price. And it was recommended by the phone aide which iIm not to happy about.
Barry in Sea Cliff NY May 11, 2013
"Great before, okay now"
I've enjoyed these for years. Initially they were an excellent smoke for the bucks. Recently it seems quality has suffered (see other reviews). I still buy, but looking for an alternative.
Russ in July 30, 2012
"Not Very Good"
I bought a bundle of this brand. Smoked a few of them. The first problem was the burn was horrible. And the last one I smoked just flat went out. But The saying goes you get what you pay for.
John in Bowie July 12, 2010
"VERY Poor cigar, Burns down side if it even stays"
This is definately the very worse cigar that I've purchased from Famous. Burns down the sides or tunnels. Very hard to stay lit and tastes horrible. I gave them away after trying 3 or 4.
Bruce in Connecticut April 26, 2010
"well made"
I purchased la Floridita for the price I opened one and it looked almost fake it was perfectly wrapped it lit well burned long and tasted great. I will buy these again
Lee in Philadelphia, Pa. October 23, 2009
If you like Garcia Y Vega, these are at about that level. Sometime the cigar is smoke-able but at other times they taste like tree bark. You get what you pay for.
Rod in Homestead Pa July 24, 2009
"Don't waste your money or your time."
I bought a bundle of maduro Corona Gigantes and the flavor is ok, buy I spent all my time correcting the burn on these things. Not a single cigar had a burn even remotely close to even.
T. in Houston, September 5, 2008
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10 Draw (76) 100
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10 Taste (75) 100
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10 Construction (78) 100
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