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La Floridita Fuerte Magnum Reviews [view details]

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"They have become my go to!"
I ordered a box because of the price. Now I have reordered 2 times. I had one out of 30 that was too tight to draw. I have been real happy with them. I like the size too.
David in Atlanta December 23, 2012
"A great cigar"
I picked up a box just to try. It turned out to be a good choice. It will be added to my go to cigar list.
Steve in Philadelphia October 24, 2012
"La Floridita Fuerte Magnum"
These cigars really surprised me. I was buying theses cigars as a bargain cigar and hoping that they would be smokable. Wow! Not only are they, they are extremely good. I agree w/ Don in NY that they match up very well w/ the premium sticks. I recommend storing them in your humidor for at least a week before you start enjoying them.
Victor in Topeka, KS March 17, 2011
"Great tasting and construction!"
I bought a box of the La Floridita "Magnums" and discovered a very tasteful cigar, great burn, and construction. This cigar burned better than some of the premium sticks. It will not be to everyones liking, however, I have over 30 years of cigar smoking experience and this is better than the average stick! For the price and taste/construction, etc. go with this stick.
Don in Mechanicville, NY January 18, 2011
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