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La Floridita Fuerte Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Buy sampler I recommend it"
this Cigar: 1.burn: not so good you need to relight it 6 to 7 times to enjoy it. 2.consistency:regular 3.draw:good 4.appearance:good 5.taste:sour 6.contruction:good total: regular not a good cigar.
Yami in P.R. USA July 13, 2012
"Nice but Nasty"
Everything about this stick is great - construction, burn, draw, etc.,until you come to the taste. There is something very bitter in the taste, like they rolled a couple horse hairs up in it
John in PA May 7, 2012
"Changes In Latitudes.."
I reviewed these as not so great but I took a bunch of them down to the Keys last week and they came alive in the high humidity. Loved them down there even over the Oliva Sampler #4 I had there too.
Jim in Taos, NM May 4, 2012
"Harsh Smoke"
Nothing favorable considering the money spent. Not my smoke at half the price. I would rather add a little cash and get something of quality. I tried a box of these and always let down.
Jim in Taos, NM April 24, 2012
"Not for me"
I had a few as part of a sampler, and didn't like it when I tried it about a year ago. Had another with a year's rest, and it was the same, newspaperish taste with a very tight draw. I feel bad tossing cigars, but did not have a problem tossing this one after geting more than halfway through. Will not be buying these any more.
Brian in Honolulu, HI January 18, 2012
"A disappointment!"
I really enjoy La Floridita normally and maybe this one is one for the record books on a true screw up, but I had three plugs in this gar...spent most of the time relighting after getting rid of plugs...then the taste wasn't what I have come to expect from La Floridita. I think I might give the fuerte the benefit of the doubt by trying one more, but the gar overall was such a big A disappointment! The only thing consistent about this cigar was the inconsistency!
Jon in Indiana January 6, 2012
Is not bad for the price but I was expecting a little more in flavor, since those have been wrapped in a Brazilian "da mata" could be better.
Fabio in Dallas October 27, 2011
I'm just about six months in to the cigar world, I received this cigar in a sampler pack and couldn't wait to smoke the other one I received with it. Thought i already had a favorite smoke until I sampled this one. Great cigar regardless of the price. I have sampled 20.00 cigars that didn't taste or burn this well.
Ker in Oklahoma City September 29, 2011
"Not so good!"
I always buy robustos, but this cigar (maybe I got two bad ones) is like smoking a piece of wood. Very tightly rolled and burned unevenly! I could not draw much smoke through it. don't go by my review, I just will not buy it again!
in August 13, 2011
"Another One Dimensional Cigar"
Strong black tobacco taste but nothing more. At least this one burned OK.
Craig in Michigan June 21, 2011
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10 Taste (69) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (80) 100
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