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La Floridita Gold Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Age them"
The other reviewer was right leave these in your humidor for 6 months and they are truly a premium stick. I smoke a few right after I got them and almost threw them away but then read the review that said age them 6 months. I did that and I am smoking them now and they are really good. Draw is great burn is great the taste it s all there. Believe me I am surprised. You take the label off and give it to someone and they would think it s a great cigar.
B in Dallas February 23, 2015
"Not good at all."
The draw is hard, the smoke is bad, the taste is gross, the band is ugly, just an overall bad cigar.
Ken in Massachusetts December 2, 2014
"Not my taste"
Too spicy of a start for me. The middle and finish was good though. If you like a spicy yet mild taste you'll like this.
Josh in Alabama March 8, 2013
I'm not kidding about this. I got these off the truck about 7 months ago, buried them in my aging humidor and forgot about them. The one I smoked off the truck was just another yard cigar quality. The two I recently smoked tasted like an Ashton and better than a Macanudo.
Mark in Eagan MN July 7, 2012
"poor construction"
I bought this cigar as part of a sampler pack. Shortly after lighting, it started unraveling. This isn't acceptable. Although the burn was consistent and the flavor mild, I wouldn't recommend thm.
John in Mission Viejo, CA July 5, 2012
"Age these for 7 months for unbelievable flavor"
Without aging they're just a cheap cigar. After 7 months they are as good as it gets for a uber flavorful cigar.
Mark in Minneapolis MN June 18, 2012
"Pretty good cigar"
This cigar surprised me. I received a Floridita Premium in a variety pack. I've smoked La Floridita's before and I'm a fan. Good value and taste for the money. Not a premium cigar but pretty darn good smoke for the money.
Phil in Washington, DC September 21, 2011
"Not Worth It"
There is no way this cigar is worth over $3 in bulk. The construction is fair to poor and the taste is one dimensional and bland. This is a $1.50 cigar, even the band screams it.
Craig in Michigan September 2, 2011
"One Dimensional Cigar"
One dimensional black tobacco flavor with some burn issues. Not to my taste.
Craig in Michigan June 21, 2011
"Pleasant Surprise"
I got the sampler #2 to top off my humidor. This is the first cigar I tried from the sampler and I was pleasantly surprised. My first impression was that it was a bit light for my taste, but as it burned the smoke became richer and quite creamy. If the 2nd is as good as the first I will likely buy more when I have room for them.
Nik in Illinois April 7, 2011
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10 Taste (73) 100
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10 Construction (72) 100
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