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La Floridita Limited Edition Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Good cigar, bad construction"
Overall, the cigar wasn't too bad after 2 weeks in the humidor. It certainly wasn't the best I have ever had but not bad. However, the construction was poor. The wrapper fell apart on me. I have 4 more, I will have to give it a second chance.
Joe in Maryland October 14, 2013
An ok cigar. Don't love it or hate it.
Angel in New York August 1, 2012
"Not Impressed"
I heard good things about this cigar,so I got a box on bid. These cigars are underfilled and have bad burn on every one that I have tried, I've given up on the rest and will send the rest to our troops that are starving for any kind of cigar they can get. Also, the flavor was "off" for me. I've learned my lesson on house brands.
Pete N. in Yelm, Wa. October 29, 2011
"A full flavored masterpiece!"
If you like sweet, full-flavored Maduro's, you're going to love this cigar. It is bold, rich, and sweet. This is an excellent full flavored cigar at a great price!
Eric T Lewis in Largo, Florida May 29, 2011
"Great smoke"
Great smoke for the price. Earthy and nutty sweet flavor with a blue-grey creamy smoke. Very similar in taste to a Ashton #30 maduro. Will add to my humidor.
Lou in Orland Park IL January 1, 2010
"Very nice after a big meal"
I tried a 5 pack of the Churchills on one of my golf trips. After a day of golf and after a dinner buffet, sitting outside during the summer evenings, shooting the bull with the guys and smoking one of these is a treat. Great flavor and burn. Have bought more of the robustos and waiting for a winter poker party to smoke those.
Milkco in Cincinnati December 10, 2008
"A superb cigar"
Having tried several different selections of Famous' line of smokes, I have found what I think could be the best yet! This dark-skinned beauty delivers every bit of the flavor promised by the rich, oily maduro wrapper, and then some. A sweet, smooth start, with clouds of aromatic smoke, and it lasts to the end, where a spicy finish only leaves me wanting more. What a wonderful, tasty blend. Thank you Famous for working with Nestor to come up with one fine cigar ......... at any price.
Rick in Missouri May 24, 2008
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10 Construction (70) 100
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