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La Floridita Limited Edition Magnum Reviews [view details]

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"Tasty and excellent"
Im a big fan of Maduros and this was excellent. Slow even burn, great plumes of white smoke and incredible flavor. Have no complaints.
Adam in Buffalo October 11, 2011
"Very enjoyable, want more"
Very enjoyable. I enjoy having a variety of cigars and this one moves into one of my favorites, especially for the money.
Steve B in PA August 11, 2011
"Very good!"
Got a couple of these in a sampler pack and was very impressed with the taste. The consistancy of the burn isn't the best, but for the price I can live with that.
Gary in Davenport, VA August 8, 2011
"Not Impressed"
The taste was okay. The smell of the smoke was okay to me but my friends who I was with at the time thought it was pretty bad smelling for a cigar. The burn on both that I smoked was not consistent and required to much effort to really enjoy. Will not purchase these again. Not my cup of tea, others may like it better though.
Brandon in Kalamazoo August 8, 2011
"Very good cigar"
Got one of these in a sampler and was very impressed, so bought a box of them. Very good smoke, especially for the price.
Tadpole in Minnesota July 8, 2011
"Good tasting cigar with small burn issue"
Got two of these in the "old money" sampler. Smoked the first one the day after smoking one of the Comacho cigars from the sampler and must say I found it more enjoyable. Nice flavor that wasn't too strong as I was smoking it during a hot 95 degree South Carolina summer day. Only complaint was about halfway through it had an uneven burn that left about a half inch to inch unburned half of the cigar. I'll have to see if the second cigar from the sampler does the same.
Craig in South Carolina July 7, 2011
"A very nice cigar!"
I got this cigar through the La Floridita sampler! Very rich, earthy, with hints of spice and cocoa! Very oily looking wrapper! I think I'm going to make this cigar a keeper!
Ed in Van Nuys July 2, 2011
"Very Tasty"
Hints of cocoa and spice with a good draw and even burn for such a fat cigar.
Craig in Michigan June 27, 2011
"First one, won't be the last"
This gar has got flavor. Very smooth, nothing overbearing about it. The only thing I'll do different on the next one is use a punch instead of cutting it. A little loose but it's a 60 and that can be expected.
Mike in St Louis, Mo. June 6, 2011
"nice and spicy"
One fat cigar, not too strong a little one dimensional, but a good smoke in the morning.
Dennis in Hawaii May 24, 2011
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