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La Floridita Limited Edition Magnum Reviews [view details]

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"Absolute waiste"
Further to my last review. 5 out of 5 did split and crack. I left the last one to sit in my 67rh hummi for two monthes to make sure that was not an issue. Fact is they are poorly constructed and not worthy of all the glowing reviews. Waiste of money.
Randall in High Desert Ca. February 9, 2014
"split and crack."
I had many of these due to buying the LF 16sampler when they come up on monster These are my least favorit. They inveritably split and crack. Flavor is less than medium, with a decidely DR profile. But with a sampler, what ya gonna do?
Randall in high desert ca December 21, 2013
"Beat my Expectations"
I got this in a wing-man with the Camacho Triple Maduro. I was only getting the pack for the Camacho and assumed this would be the "junk cigar" that I would just hand out to buddies. I was completely wrong, there has never been a time on this site that I have disagreed with the rating this much. I plan on buying a box of these. They have a great gauge, and are perfect for that daily gar.
Dr.HoleShredder in State College September 3, 2013
"I would recommend trying a 5pack"
I purchased a sampler recently . I just had my 1st magnum for breakfast. Get ready for and exceptional great tasting cigar. Hints of cedar n woody flavors with some sweetness. I would consider this anytime cigar. You better put about an hour aside to enjoy this wonderful cigar.
Kane in Oley Pa. July 14, 2013
"A great smoke that just tastes expensive!"
A great tasting smoke that other companies would probably charge more for it a B&M. A good cigar to enjoy the afternoon with while watching the game on TV.
Cigar Hero in Riverside,CA January 4, 2013
"OK Stick"
I agree with Brit. He hit it on the head. This one just didn't make me want more. To be frank, I almost wish I didn't buy it, but I will wait for my next one before I go that far!!!!!
Law in Augusta, Georgia December 20, 2012
I liked these and will be ordering more,I let them sit a few weeks.
Mike in Merced CA December 2, 2012
I got a 5 pack free with a order and love them they taste great,Burned good,Let them sit for a few weeks
Mike in Merced CA November 26, 2012
"Solid Smoke"
Good cigar for the price. I'd say I like it better than 75 percent of those I have tried. Good burn, good draw. Just a solid smoke!
Tommyk in Pa November 25, 2012
Don't love it or hate it. An ok cigar. I will not purchase another box.
Angel in NY August 1, 2012
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10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Taste (85) 100
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10 Construction (87) 100
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