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La Floridita Limited Edition Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Didn't want to put it down!"
Received this in the Placencia sampler... Wow! What a tasty cigar! The construction is good, but i wouldnt say its perfect. Definitely tasted some cocoa, consistent throughout the burn. I enjoyed this one very much, and smoked it down to where I hardly had room to hold it any more. The burn wasnt real even, and I had to touch it up twice... But my humidor has been running a little higher rh than is optimal for decent burn so take that as you will. If the other one in the sampler tastes this good, I'm gonna have to order a box!
Dave in Shippensburg, PA September 2, 2011
"Good deal at sale price"
A good deal @ 3 bucks a stick. Pulled one from random in the Placencia sampler and it got my attention. Went back and pulled the label out of the trash to find out what I had just smoked. Tried another one today with same result - will order a box at the sales price today. Nice burn/draw. Good full punch - consistent with the fuerte. Satisfying flavor. Nice draw. Hard to beat at 3 bucks.
Hugh K in Cary, NC August 17, 2011
I'm glad I bought the sample pack and not a box. These were among the worst cigars I've ever smoked. We have a group that swaps cigars, I'd be embarrassed to include these.
Michael in Belfast, Maine August 14, 2011
"Poor man's fine cigar"
This is a good cigar considering the price.
cajun555 in opelousas, la April 25, 2011
"Mediocre Taste at best"
Burn was nice and even, draw was nice, and yes it looks good with the label on and better with it off. Construction was nice and firm, but I've never cracked a wrapper while punching before this one, so I'd say the wrapper was a bit brittle.I'm currently about half way through my first of two of these that I got with the Old Money Selection and it's just now starting to taste like a cigar I might want to have again. I seriously doubt I will buy more of this cigar.
meh456 in Michigan April 21, 2011
"Great Value"
Good taste when it's young. It definitely develops it's best flavor after 6 months or so of humi time. A lot richer and smoother.
Thor in Madison, AL April 21, 2011
"Very similar to the regular La Floridita line"
These are a little bit better than the regular La Floridita line. The flavor is about the same, only a little stronger. The construction is slightly more tight, but the draw seems unaffected. No problems with burn. They are a nice looking cigar, especially with the ring off.
Healfdeane in Bristow, VA April 11, 2011
"awesome cigar"
I found this cigar to be very flavorful. It beats alot of others in its class at much higher prices. This cigar is the best accidental discovery I've made.
marty in brewster,ny February 11, 2011
"Good value for the price!"
Everything about this cigar was above par, except the draw which was a bit tight.
Jack in Sulphur, LA. January 9, 2011
"alright stick"
Good stick. Tasty, great burn, wonderful draw. Appearance needs a little improvement.
willie in bako, ca October 29, 2010
Customer Ratings

10 Burn (85) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Consistency (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (86) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (87) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (80) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (85) 100
Poor - Excellent

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