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La Floridita Pancho Reviews [view details]

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"A nice spicy smoke!"
I've been searching for an economical substitute for my beloved Padron 2000 maduros, and I think I've found it! The La Floridita Pancho (Maduro) is a suprisingly satisfying cigar for the money. I'd dare say that the construction compares favorably to the Padron (and the caps are truly superior to Padrons) and the flavor is suprisingly complex and spicy. This smoke is too good to be a bundle cigar, but I won't complain, as the price is a steal. Try 'em, you'll like 'em!
Greg Danaher in OH August 5, 2006
"Oily Goodness, Super Price"
I recieved a 15 stick sampler thought this would be a stinker, was I wrong,great looking stick, very glossy. Used a punch and a poker the draw got better on the way down. Smoked it passed the wrapper. Bundle of Panchos will be in my next order. Thanks Famous....
Steve in Oxford N.J. March 2, 2006
"lousy cigar"
burned like a paper sack and had to use a drill to get it to draw.
charles k in kankakee il October 9, 2005
"Ranks 3rd most enjoyable smoking experience yet"
I just bought the 20 pack bundle for 19.95 after trying one in the maduro sampler and I am in heaven! What an awesome smoke for the incredible price!! I'm relatively new to cigars (my goal is to ditch ciggies and stick to stogies) although my brother has been smoking them for quite awhile (his favorite is the Griffin's Fuerte). Anyway, so far I've bought a box of Olor Fuertes which are my current favorite, a single CAO Gold Robusto whick blew me away is number 2, and then these La Floridita Maduro Panchos. Now I need to get a box of the CAO Golds to see if they really belong in the number 2 spot, but if I keep smoking these Panchos, I might not give a darn about the CAO's. I just had my first Pancho out of the bundle with a double shot of Crown Royal on the rocks and I instantly knew that I made a helluva purchase. First off, this smoke had a draw that needed a little more effort than the Olors, but that's not too big a deal for me, since the smoke produced is so smooth and flavorful and abundant enough that I felt instantly relaxed. The smooth flavor of these La Floriditas is just phenomenal! Now, I've seen some terms bandied about concerning "a cigars complexity is proportional to its quality" and I'm still trying to come to grips with these descriptions, but, in my estimation of the La Floridita I just had, there were tastes that came out of nowhere making me wonder "what was that?" I would say, however that the predominant flavors were cocoa and some nutty elements. The finish was excellent as well - I didn't want it to end. Not to worry, I have 19 left in my humidor. I must let them age a bit. I just know they will only get better and for only a buck a stick? Holy Moly, maybe I better get a bundle of the Natural wrappers as well. They are on sale as I write this. A highly-rated bundle cigar and deservedly so!
Jim in Grand Rapids., MI July 14, 2005
"Having difficulty adapting to the change"
I used to really like the Maduro Robusto and it's box pressed shape. I thought it had a good flavor and for the price was fairly consistent. I tried the Pancho and the Gigante. First off I notice they are round now. Nicaraguan cigars are my least favorite and so far, I have smoked most of the bundle of the Pancho, and found them to be inconsistent. I am smoking them just to get the opened bundle out of my humidor.
Bob W in New Jersey June 29, 2004
"OK, maybe I was a bit hasty"
Just smoked one of these the other night after not having one for a while. It had been aging nearly 5 months in my humidor. Much improved. Much smoother than even a couple of months ago. Leathery, with some chocolate notes. I would smoke this one almost everyday. If you are going to buy this one, let it rest in your humidor for quite a while for the best experience.
BD in Indianapolis June 4, 2003
"Decent construction, Great Burn, OK taste."
First off, for $21.95 a bundle, by no means do I feel ripped off. This cigar is fairly well made. I've noticed a few flaws, but nothing serious and certainly acceptable for a bundle brand. Wrapper is a little darker than the photos online. Nice reddish-brown color. Smoked about 10 so far and have had no problem with draw at all. Very even burn and very white ash. Ash is also solid, had one the other night go two inches before it fell off. You can tell they did not skimp on the quantity of tobacco used. Ash can be a bit flaky, though. Taste is another matter. Smooth is not a word I would use to describe this one. Very distinctive taste, kind of woody, but a bit rough in the back of my throat. Medium-to-full bodied flavor. Have let them age a bit in my humidor for a couple months and they have only improved slightly. This one is probably a good outdoor choice, but not sure I would want one everyday.
B.D. in Indianapolis April 9, 2003
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