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La Floridita Pancho Reviews [view details]

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"Good deal"
I ve smoked dozens of these bundles over the years and found them pretty consistent and pretty good... often times quite excellent. I should mention that I normally smoke the PANCHO size with the NATURAL wrapper. The maduro is not so great in my opinion. I ve also smoked the Belicoso and Corona, finding them equal to the Pancho. The Presidente wasn t so great. I ve also noticed they seem to be a little better after sitting in a humidor for a month or two. All in all this is an enjoyable cheap smoke that s worth the price especially if you can get them on sale .
Jake the Muss in Cleveland, OH July 24, 2014
"An overall good stick"
Smoked a couple and then got a bundle. Lit one up the day of delivery and smoked it to the delicious finish.
Mr. Blues in Central MN December 9, 2013
"Love these naturals"
Granted, these have been aging in my humidor for a few months - the burn was smooth, the aroma is exquisite. My favorite La Floridita!
Sisyphus in Gloucester, MA June 24, 2013
"Made me want to vomit."
When I first unwrapped this cigar, I smelt it and already knew I wasn't going to enjoy it. It smelt like an old sock that you left under your bed for a year. After lightin it up, I took two or three puffs and threw that sucker in the street. I honestly couldn't take the disgusting flavor. It hit nice the cap fell apart easy. DO NOT BUY!
Mark in Boston, Massachusetts July 7, 2012
"Just okay."
Not very impressive. Draw was too loose, burn was uneven. Taste was of leather and some chocolate but rather harsh.
Brian in Honolulu, HI January 26, 2011
"Great for the price"
I enjoyed this cigar. It is not too strong not too soft.
GHF in VA June 21, 2010
"worst in awhile"
I know some people like them and maybe i got a bad one in my economy sampler, but it was not a good experience. Burn was like one big streak. Taste was like burnt leather.
steve in delaware March 1, 2010
"I'm very surprised by these negative reviews."
I find the Pancho Natural to be a consistently good tasting cigar. Yes, the one negative is its uneven burn--it never tunnels on me, though. It's a trade-off: the wrapper is thick and flavorful, so I think it retains a lot of moisture--causing the uneven burn. I wish more people would say if they are referring to the Maduro or the Natural. I like them right out of the package--no aging necessary.
Jerry in Connecticut October 24, 2008
"Inconsistently BAD TO WORSE!!"
Bought these thinking that it's time to try something new. BIG MISTAKE!! Tried one when I received the bundle, I may have been smoking paper. Set in the humidor for a month, not much better. Less harshness, but overall still bad. I will throw these out.
ijj0bom in Clearwater June 19, 2008
"Consistently good/tasty"
I also got the 2fer deal. The flavor, to me, is a less refined (more IN YOUR FACE!) version of the 2 or 3 Plascencia Organicas I have received in samplers. It is certainly full-flavored--but not harsh. I love the Natural wrappers--luscious, silky feel and taste. I compare these to the Fam. Nic. 3000, and I like the Floriditas better, except that the burn is sometimes uneven. If I could get them at these prices all the time, I would keep a constant supply.
Jerry in Connecticut May 24, 2008
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