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La Floridita Pancho Reviews [view details]

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"We'll see"
I smoked the natural version of this cigar about a week ago and tried the maduro last night. I've always been a big fan of maduros so I ordered a bundle (right before I smoked the one from the sampler). The sampler version had a fantastic flavor but an extremely hard draw. I plan to smoke one tomorrow when I get my ups shipment but let the rest of them sit in my humi for a month. At this point I recommend the natural over the maduro. I will report back with my findings after i get through the bundle. "Smoke em if you got em!"
Wade M. in Lafayette, IN September 1, 2011
"Good flavor, burn was very bad however"
Good looking, well-packed, good draw. As Carl said this was a different flavor from many other maduro cigars, but I enjoyed it. After around 10 minutes, I only had about 1/16" of ash and I thought I had found the slowest-burning cigar ever. What really was going on though was it was tunnelling - BAD. Even snipping off the tunnelled area (a full inch or more with no sign of stopping) to form a fresh foot, toasting the foot etc., it still tunnelled as if the binder was made from asbestos. I can't comment on wrapper flavor because very little of the wrapper burned. I might actually have been able to pack it again like a pipe and smoke a whole new bunch of filler out of it. Nothing wrong in my humi either, other cigars that have been in there the exact same amount of time (about three weeks) burn just fine, and it is sitting at 69/70. Wrapper feels just fine to the touch too. So give it a try if you like, but I wouldn't smoke this one while driving or doing something where you can't correct the crazy burn.
David C. in USA August 18, 2011
"Great Smoke..."
Excellent smoke for the price. Beautiful tasty wrapper. Great filler with a surprisingly high level of complexity. Decent draw. This stick put a smile on my face. Give it a try. Will definitely have a home in the humi.
SONOFGOD in Michigan August 4, 2011
"Better Then Expected"
Nice dark wrapper, no blotches. All appear uniform in color. No soft spots. Heavy in the hand, fully packed. Draw on a few was a little tight but overall OK. Burn is even. Occasional relight necessary. Aroma is pleasant. Flavor is nothing special. Not a typical Maduro taste but not offensive either. Very mild cigar.
Carl in Ohio September 30, 2010
"Hard draw"
Four of the first seven have been impossible to smoke because they are rolled too tight. The other three were decent cigars, the construction is so inconsistent these are not worthwhile buys.
Darron in Round Rock, TX September 17, 2010
"Not a bad stick...for the price"
For the money you really can't beat it. Enjoyed the taste. My biggest complaint was the uneven burn. So, I get to play with my torch abit. Not a big deal. I'd buy it again...
Mongo in Colorado September 16, 2010
"First four out of bundle were very good"
Decent smoke, no major complaints for the price.
Eric in Cleveland September 5, 2010
This is a very poor smoke, they actually appears to be a natural that's painted with a substance to give them the appearance of a maduro. The construction is poor and the burn is equally bad. Save yourself the time, but then again you do get what you pay for.
GREGoRY in POMONA, CA September 2, 2010
"A Quality Smoke in any Book!!"
I smoke pricey top shelf smokes and good everyday ones also, these cigars are worthy of a place on the top shelf, what a group of gems. fantastic smooth flavors, some woody some creamy but all great. the maduro by Nestor Plasencia is a fly under the radar hit. just as good in the natural wrapper, the Limited is a big fat flavorful roll of smoking pleasure. and the Fuente is a treat. its not very often all the smokes in a sampler are good these are all great. let your price ego go and stock up on all of these fine smokes.
Ken in Sammamish Washington July 4, 2010
"for the money -- I like them so much"
yes Iam pretty new to cigar smoking -- but have tried plenty -- these for the money -- so far anyway -- seem to be the best deal -- taste good and strong enough for me -- have been back to buy more
Bob B in Lakeside, Ca April 8, 2010
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