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La Floridita Pancho Reviews [view details]

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"Good value for the price"
I'm half way through the bundle and I would say that this is a good value for the price. Flavorful everyday cigar. I would buy this bundle again.
J in Tampa March 5, 2010
"Good Every Day Cigar"
Got the first bundles BOGO, and found I got a good deal. Have found that a month or so humi time makes these a really good go to cigar for working around the yard or in the shop. Just opened and tryed one from a bundle that I had lost in a humi 4 months ago and have decided to buy more to hide away for a few more months.
K. Stokes in Virginia July 31, 2009
"Rate 6 out of 10"
Good tasting smoke for a cheaper cigar. Very uneven burn as a general rule. Will buy them til I find something better at the same price.
Rick in Missouri June 29, 2009
"Serious Burn Issues"
After half a bundle of the Pancho maduro I find I enjoy the flavors of this cigar, espresso, nuts, and a sweet, smooth finish. I want to like it as a cheap, daily cigar. Take the band off and it looks like a much more expensive cigar. The draw has been excellent on every one. However, the burn has been terrible; runs and tunneling are the rule not the exception. I don't get this with the other cigars in my humidor, so I don't think it's my treatment of the cigar, but I'm a newbie so that may have something to do with it. I'm going to take one out of my humidor about an hour or two before smoking and see if that helps. Perhaps the wrapper is too moist. I would love to be able to smoke these as my daily smoke; at $1.50 a stick, that would be great.
Steven in Hot 'lanta July 31, 2008
"Nice slow burn with full flavor"
I keep trying other cigars but keep coming back to the great burn and full flavor of the La Floridita Pancho.
Curt in O'Fallon, MO July 5, 2008
"Not Very Happy"
Look, it's an inexpensive smoke and sometimes you just get what you pay for. I took in double bundles (sale deal) of the Natural and the Maduro. They both came with a loose roll and they will burn fast. You WILL get canoeing and tunneling - they smoke fast. If you can deal with retouch lighting and the previous notes, they have a mild pleseant flavor. Would I buy 'em again? Nah. Gonna try to get through the purchase if I don't get too frustrated. Want a better smoke at the same deal? Definately go for the Flor de Oliva instead. Both the Natural and Maduro 5/50 are my go-to.
Stevie A in Simi Valley, CA May 30, 2008
"No gripes at all"
Ive ordered these a couple times over the past couple years and they are surprisingly good except for one or 2 tight rolls. Don't know where the bad reviews come from yall!! WW
Willie W in Lowcountry, SC April 19, 2008
"Buy something else"
I got this cigar in a sampler. The taste was ok, but the burn was terrible. It started ok, but after a few minutes the cigar burned from the center out. It was hard to keep lit and the flavor suffered. I actually let it burn out, cut it and lit it again. THe same thing occurred about two inches of the center had burned but very little of the outside of the cigar.
Reg in Florida October 14, 2007
"Say hello to my icky sticky maduro"
I don't know what they did to the wrapper to create the 'maduro' finish, but it was nasty as hell. Aside from that, the construction and draw were just fine (for the price), so the natural finish version of this stogie might be a good value. But I would strongly recommend looking to other options for an inexpensive maduro bundle. Unless, of course, you like having your fingers discolored by a mystery brown substance...
Spiney Norman in Iowa June 8, 2007
"Que Bueno!!!"
Having been around the proverbial cigar block, I was more than pleasantly surprised to stumble upon La Floridita, a fantastic smoke at a fantastic price. For the value there is nothing like it, well done.
Drew T. in Riverside, CA April 24, 2007
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