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"Garbage Cigar"
Did not burn, kept having to re-light. One had a hard clump in the middle that I had to cutoff to light again. I got these free with an order and would never buy.
Elton in Sioux Falls SD October 30, 2013
"Threw them away."
4 of these came in a La Florida sampler. I had one within 3 weeks, which was less than satisfying. The burn was uneven, it left a residue in my mouth, and tasted less than ideal. I let the remaining 3 sit in my humidor for 2 months and had my second one today. The taste was discusting to the point of nauseating within the first 5 mins of smoking. I'll be throwing the last 2 away. They simply are not worth it. I am very fond of the other cigars that came in this sampler.
Dewskerz in San Diego, CA April 4, 2013
"Tempermental...worst burning cigar."
The burn and ash was ridiculously bad. It constantly went out and constantly canoed when it was lit. I even cut it, to no avail. It had very good flavorful moments. A dominant spice and cedar flavor mostly with some good espresso moments and the smoke was very good at times. The amount of relighting took away the entire positive of the cigar (flavor). I would never buy it again; it's a constant battle (I've smoked two). Definitely not a relaxing cigar because of it. Do not buy, it is not worth it.
DS in March 14, 2013
"never again"
I wonder if the people that make This cigar smoke it. Carrie lighter fluid or lot of matches. Because you will have to relight it after every puff . Very disappointed. Would never recommend. !!
tom in ohio December 3, 2012
"Best bundle cigar on market!"
This is my favorite bundle cigar of all time. I've had many. Overall a 93/100 except occasionally the wrappers flake. Who cares??? Impeccable flavor! Let sit in humidor for month and they will just get better! A!!!!
Alex G in Kansas City Mo July 17, 2012
"Will never purchase again"
I couldn't get through not 1 cigar in the bundle without relighting it 3-5 times. Horrible cigar. Burn I would rate very very poor....
Mike D. in New York June 24, 2012
"Very good Bundle!!"
I have been meaning to try this one for a while, got a few in a sampler and let them rest for a few weeks. Fired one up the other day and was quite impressed. Taste was excellent started out with some pepper and then around the 1/2 way point became sort of sweet with hints of chocolate which continued to build right to the end. Actually prefer this to the FDO maddie for an inexpensive everyday smoke, ....that said does not burn the best and required a couple of minor touch ups, wondering if more rest will solve that problem. Of course this is a an around the house cigar so I will not complain about touching up a less than $2 cigar because of a minor burn issue. Would recommend this one to someone who likes rich Maddie flavor and wants to save a buck or two.
Tim in Upstate NY November 1, 2011
"Decent for the money"
1. Burn - No tunneling, just horrid canoeing. All the way to the back end of the last third! This, while annoying, doesn't bother me much. I've burned sticks that cost 50 times has much that acted the same. 2. Draw - Most would say tight, but for me, perfect. Just able to sit there and 'sip' on it for about 85 mins. 3. Ash - Good firm grayish white that had to be removed every 3/4", or when I had to retouch. 4. Cold nose - Woody and slightly musty with hints of toasted tobacco. 5. Taste - Opened with loads of tobacco and white pepper. After five mins, settled into a nice dark roast espresso, cream and tobacco with hints of pepper on the nose. Maintained this profile all the way to my burning finger tips.
Dan in BFE, Colorado September 18, 2011
"Very Nice!!"
I have now been able to smoke 4 of these and I am sold. I love the flavors that come through on this stick. Draw has been a little tight on 2 of the 4 but the flavor makes up for it. They can be a little work if you get one with a tight draw but definitely worth it. I'm going to put another order in once i get through my tenth! Thanks for the good deal Famous!
Wade M. in Lafayette, IN September 5, 2011
"Not what I was expecting"
This one has good aroma and a smooth taste. It is missing the punch that maduro's contain. Still, it's a good smoke.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. September 3, 2011
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10 Construction (83) 100
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