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La Floridita Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Top value Bundle Smoke"
Just finished my 2nd bundle and was happy with everone of them, a quick few weeks in the Humi put them in fine condition, good construction deep coco earthy flavor a thick smoke with great aroma. worth every penny, if your willing to let them sit and even out before smoking these are a fantastic cigar for the price,
Ken in Sammamish Washington August 17, 2010
"Worst Cigar I've Had In Years"
I have tried to smoke three of the twenty, and can't decide whether to send the rest back or just pitch them in the trash. This cigar is so poorly made, I can't believe I bought them from Famous.
Harold in Goodyear, AZ November 5, 2009
Lousy draw, lousy taste, lousy burn. I don't understand the high ratings on here for this cigar. I'd rather not smoke then smoke these. If you want a good budget cigar, buy the Flor De Oliva's.
John in Parsippany NJ September 13, 2009
"unbeatable taste and value"
These cigars kick butt for taste and value. I can not get enough of this high end taste with everyday value.
Shawn in Akron, Oh August 1, 2009
"A good daily smoke"
A fine affordable everyday cigar. Creamy smoke, rich flavor and aroma. I will purchase again for sure. Cigars are like women,,,,,,I like em dark, rich, affordable, and tight as hell!
Ted in Florida August 1, 2009
"You've got to be kidding me"
How can a smoke this good be this affordable? Very well made with a smooth easy draw and nice rich taste all the way through. This one will be a mainstay in my humidor.
Joseph in Lexington, KY July 27, 2009
"One to buy again"
I have had my share of cigars 286 different brands in my scrap book over the years including those some of those unmentionable cigars. Some are keepers and some just are not. The La Floridita Toro Maduro is one I will purchase again. I like the flavor, aroma, and burn. I know everyone has expectations by reading the reviews. These really matched what I was looking for, a full to medium cigar, with good flavor and aroma. I haven't experienced the burning problems most have spoken about. Some time in the humidor, toast the end good, and take slow draws and watch the bluish grey smoke roll off one of the cigar. Great with a good belt of scotch. What a treat!! If you draw it hard it will bite. I took it slow and easy and it really surprised me.
Michael in Papillion NE June 9, 2009
"Love 'em"
Man I love these. Coffee, cocoa, coconut, charred wood flavors. For a buck fifty! To the haters: you gotta let them rest a while. Famous sells A LOT of these, so pretty much any time you get them they are "fresh". Put them down for 6-8 months and revisit.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI February 17, 2009
"Very satisfying, consistent taste"
It's my primary smoke, the most consistent tasting cigar I've smoked. Never seems to have any surprises. They're not the most consistent burning cigar from one to another. Easy to control the harshness buy controlling how hot you get it. Very satisfying if you know how to work them.
Paul in January 15, 2009
You know, I am a fan of all the Arturo Fuente cigars, as they were my first cigar...these cigars rival them in complexity. Massage the cigar, over-toast the foot at the first light, cut right at the beginning of the cap, and you have yourself a worthy cigar. I have a bundle sitting in my humidor for about two months, it can't get much better. I will be returning for future purchases of the La Floridita Maduro Toro's, my new favorite, everyday smoke.
David A. in New Mexico January 7, 2009
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