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La Floridita Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Good cigar"
Good construction and flavor with surprising complexity. Just be sure to age for at least a few months.
Byron in Newark OH January 3, 2014
"Not good"
3 of the 5 would not stay lit. Burned very uneven and were a pain in the a** to smoke. The other two in the pack were not much better.
Bryan in Tampa May 18, 2013
"Bad Experience"
My normal yardgar is Flor de Oliva maduro. But I got these in a 5 pak from Cigar Auctioneer for less than a dollar each. Smoked three just messing around the yard and cleaning out the garage. I remember the first one was pretty harsh, the second was ok for a dollar smoke, don’t remember the third. I sat down to review the fourth today. As with the others, it’s very nice looking; smooth, oily shine, small veins, firm to the touch. Prelight had a taste of pepper, lite hint of sweetness. Clean cut with my Xikar Xi1, good pre-light draw. Toasted foot, a little bitter start into a sweet earthy taste for the first ¾” nice amount of smoke. It all went bad from there. I put it down to rest and burn went out, had started tunneling. I cut off about ¾” and relit. If I didn’t keep puffing, it would go out. Down to second third of the cigar, it has full smoke, flavor back and forth between harsh and earthiness but has continued to tunnel. It got very hot considering I had to keep puffing. Cut some off again; about an inch this time. A few more puffs and I gave up and tossed it in a dog hole. I have one left maybe it can redeem this smoke.
John in Florida February 24, 2013
"Ho hum"
Got a couple of these in a sampler. They are nothing special. Not much of a taste profile and the burn was that great. It's a yard cigar at best.
Jason in SC May 28, 2012
"Good flavor, bad burn."
My La Floridita was completely packed full of tobacco creating an extremely tight roll and somewhat tight draw. It also burned HORRIBLY! I've only had one other out of my "Famous 20 Under $20" sampler that burned worse and that one was the worst burn I've ever seen. This stick required multiple corrections to the burn and 2 relights. BUT the flavor was very surprising for a budget smoke. The first third had a predominant flavor of cashew with slight woody flavors and a creamy finish. In the second third the woody flavor got a little stronger and a leathery flavor and slight black pepper were added. In the final third the leather picked up a little more as the black pepper tapered off with the cashew and natural woody flavor still there in the background. The creamy finish was consistent all the way through the smoke. Surprisingly great flavor and smoothness for a cheap stick! If they could just fix the burn...
Josh in Arkansas October 14, 2011
Poor construction. Its almost a cigarillo. Bits of tobacco fall out of the end of this when lit which makes for a rather unpleasant smoke when bits of flaming tobacco are falling on you. I used a punch and bits were coming into my mouth. The taste wasn't that great. The wrapper was at least well done. It drew like butter but thats probably because it was so poorly made. STAY AWAY
Ian in Columbus October 2, 2011
"Thanks, but no thanks..."
I really like the draw on this one... but that's the only thing I like about it. The aroma, flavor, and burn of this stick is just bad.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. September 30, 2011
"Very Good, Need Time in Humidor"
After a month plus in the humidor, these maduros are a pleasure. Remind me of a Ghurka box pressed cigar. Cocoa and spice compliment the black tobacco. No burn issues. Would buy again.
Craig in Michigan August 1, 2011
"Great Value"
Great price, good flavor, burn is satisfactory, draw is good too. I smoke these on my bike daily. Burns faster in the HOV lane. lol
Greg in MD June 28, 2011
"Worst burn ever!!!"
I received multiples of this cigar in several sampler packs. They won't burn! I've tried draw enhancers, eliminating humidity, and everything under the sun. These horribly constructed cigars don't burn, and they don't draw. Do not buy this cigar!!!
Eric T Lewis in Largo, Florida May 29, 2011
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