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La Fontana Vintage Galileo Reviews [view details]

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"The honeymoon's over!"
I thought I was going crazy when I noticed that these cigars have not tasted the same as when I first started smoking them. That is until I read the last review. The wrapper doesn't always taste sweet all the time but they do burn well and I have not experienced the same uneven tobacco quantities as the previous reviewer but I do notice a difference!
Joe in Rhode Island June 22, 2010
"Are you guys serious?"
My first seven or eight boxes of these were great. Then they ran out and now they have a new supply. The new supply is very inconsistent. The makers have changed something because they are just not the same cigar by any stretch. The taste is the same but the amount of tobacco in each cigar is different. So you will smoke one cigar and it may crack and come apart because the amount of tobacco is too high. You may smoke another cigar and find that it only burns on the inside and you do not get anything out of it because it does not have enough tobacco in it. Either way I am through with these. I have given up hope on getting a decent cigar for under $60.00 a box or bundle. I think three smokes a day for fifteen years was a good little run with a dirty little habit. ;o)
Larry B in Wilton Cal. May 31, 2010
Construction is a tad iffy, but if you can overlook that, this is one incredibly tasty two dollar cigar!
Tony in Columbus October 3, 2009
"Good Cigar"
This was a good cigar. I would by no means say it was great. It had a good draw, even burn, and lots of smoke. The flavor was good as well. For the money, it was a good cigar. I would smoke them again.
Chad in Oklahoma September 19, 2007
"Everything but taste"
Good burn and construction, lots of white smoke. But the taste - where is it? Considering this is advertised as a "complex tasting" smoke, I thought it was one of the blandest cigars I've tried.
Jackson in Wisconsin September 27, 2006
"Time to order some more..."
I just finished my first 5 La Fontana smokes so it's time to place another order. Very mild, even burning cigar, with a nice flavor I can't quite identify. I'm back for some more.
Jack Ballurio in Virginia August 24, 2006
"Not bad!"
These are good smokes! I don't mind the sweet tip on this cigar. Has a good effortless draw, lots of creamy smoke, fine construction and a good burn. Very mild and light on the wallet.
David Vargas in TX August 8, 2006
"Light, spicy-sweet, excellent cigar."
The flavor is an excellent, dry, mildly spicy smoke from beginning to end. The slightly sweet infusion in the wrapper balances nicely against the other flavors. The cigar is reminiscent of a flakey pastry with pistachios. The draw is perfect, the ash is solid, the packing is even throughout the smoke. The only complaint is that the wrapper on the current ones is prone to unwrap and is a bit delicate. But the flavor is wonderfully mild and complex.
Overworked in CA March 14, 2006
"One of my Favorites!"
If you like a mild smooth cigar, this one is for you! I love the sweet-nutty taste, it is like an after dinner dessert. Nicely constructed, burns evenly, draws effortlessly, never harsh. Great smoke for the price.
J. Hoy in Bloomington IN July 27, 2005
"If You Like the Montecristo V"
If you love the Montecristo Serie V Robusto but can't afford to smoke it regularly, this is a good bet. I would call it an 88. Rich, smooth, creamy, and mild from end to end. A bit light on the draw, but with a rich cool cloud, this is a pretty good second to the Monte at about a third of the price. Go for it!
Cecil in Stockton, CA July 13, 2003
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10 Construction (84) 100
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