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La Fontana Vintage Reviews

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La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"These and Baccarat are both wonderful"
Amazingly affordable luxury. I enjoy sweet tipped cigars and I messed around with ACID Toast or Kuba Kuba which cost at least twice the price until I discovered these babies a while ago and have no complaints. They taste better and cost less than ACID. I m perfectly happy with either these or Baccarat s. I do wonder how I m getting such quality sticks so inexpensively. If you like sweet cigars, you owe it to yourself to try 5 or a box!
David in San Diego June 21, 2014
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"Excellent Cigar"
David in San Diego June 21, 2014 May 18, 2014
La Fontana Vintage Michelangelo
Smooth and mild. Great nine hole cigar!
BK in Brigantine,nj December 9, 2013
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"La Fontana Fabulous!"
Just tried out the La Fontana ~ Wow what a pleasant surprise for under 6 bucks, enjoyed its silky smooth draw, nice flavor, perfect ash, as good as the Padron 1926 that I had yesterday cost $26
Greg in Hinsdale, Illinois August 24, 2013
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"Very nice cigar"
A very surprising cigar. I received the mild sampler #3 as part of another order and was very pleased with this cigar. The burn was excellent, draw was equally good, and the taste and appearance were quite OK. Consistency was quite good as well, but did not stand out as well as the other qualities.
Ken S in Philippines July 9, 2013
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"It's grown on me"
The first impression I got was very spicy! Smoked it while walking the dog and about a 1/4 way through mellowed out to a decent slightly sweet flavor. Great draw with billows of creamy smoke. Cap had just a hint of sweetness. Just couldn't get a whole lot of flavor though. Probably wont try again.
Nate in Lancaster, Ca April 12, 2013
La Fontana Galileo 5 Pack
"Smooth & Mild"
Certainly NOT a cigar that you'd say..."I've found the one". For the price, it's not bad...kinda similar to getting an 80 on a test. Smoked it for about 40mins.
MD in NJ March 9, 2013
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"very tasty!"
Bought a 5 pack in the auction. I was thrown off on 1st one, thought cap a bit sweet. These have grown on me! Very smooth and mellow with lots of creamy smoke!!! A must try...
robert g in atlanta December 13, 2011
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"Nice Little Treat"
Nice mild flavor and good draw...burn was a little off but nothing unmanageable...will add this to my list of auction stand byes
Bill in Osseo MN November 20, 2011
La Fontana Vintage Michelangelo
SKEETER in KANAB, UT November 16, 2011
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