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La Fontana Vintage Reviews

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La Fontana Vintage Da Vinci
"Wonder why??"
I wrote a good review for these cigars in the past. However, now you have raised the price $7 a box. They were good at the previous price, but now i must reconsider what i order.
Jack S. in Woodridge,Il November 14, 2009
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
Construction is a tad iffy, but if you can overlook that, this is one incredibly tasty two dollar cigar!
Tony in Columbus October 3, 2009
La Fontana Vintage Da Vinci
"My Favorite cigar..Bar None!!"
The best cigar i know of, regardless of price. I order them from famous all the time.
Jack S. in Woodridge, Illinois April 14, 2009
La Fontana Vintage Michelangelo
"Excellent Value"
One of my very favorites and I smoke several brands. Great smoke for the money
Steve in Evansville, IN April 11, 2009
La Fontana Vintage Michelangelo
""Great smoke, nice easy draw"......New favorite!"
"Great smoke, nice easy draw"......New favorite!
Billy E. in East Bridgewater, MA March 5, 2009
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"Good Cigar"
This was a good cigar. I would by no means say it was great. It had a good draw, even burn, and lots of smoke. The flavor was good as well. For the money, it was a good cigar. I would smoke them again.
Chad in Oklahoma September 19, 2007
La Fontana Vintage Da Vinci
"My favorite cigar regardless of price"
After trying several different smokes over the last couple of years I have settled on the La Fontana Vintage Da Vinci as the main filler for my humidor.
Bruce S in Melbourne, Florida August 12, 2007
La Fontana Vintage Da Vinci
"I'm hooked!"
I am a new cigar smoker (about a year now) and like mild to medium cigars. I found the Da Vinci to be an absolute joy. From other reports I've read, I thought this was going to be a very sweet stick but I was pleasently suprised. The sweetness is mild as compared to flavored cigars and does not over-power the taste. It has a nice draw with an even burn and thick flavorful smoke. This thing burnt for over an hour. It is my new favorite. I can't wait to try the other cigars in the La Fontana Vintage line.
Mike May 26, 2007
La Fontana Vintage Michelangelo
"A shame"
It's a shame that the obvious skill of the rollers as demonstrated by the smooth construction, beautiful wrapper and easy draw is degraded by the mediocre quality of the filler. If this manufacturer would use better or possibly just longer aged tobacco and then drop the unnecessary sweetener, I believe they would have a winner.
paul in ann arbor, mi March 21, 2007
La Fontana Vintage Galileo
"Everything but taste"
Good burn and construction, lots of white smoke. But the taste - where is it? Considering this is advertised as a "complex tasting" smoke, I thought it was one of the blandest cigars I've tried.
Jackson in Wisconsin September 27, 2006
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